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Nine Beauty Tips for Bridesmaids

Friday, June 9th, 2017

Brace yourselves; wedding season is back in full effect. As you know, bridesmaids play an integral role in the wedding process as it’s typically up to these select few to host a crazy bachelorette party, attend rehearsal dinners, be in the millions of professional pics and to stay calm, cool and collected in the face of the infamous bridezilla.

Whether it’s your first wedding or you’re a seasoned pro, Beauty Nine to Five has put together the top beauty tips to keep you looking and feeling fab throughout the entire bachelorette experience. Read on below!

1. Superstay Mani + Pedi

Of course you’ll want to treat yourself to a mani and pedi a few days before the big day. Remember, as a bridesmaid, you’ll undoubtedly be helping with all the lifting, assembling and packing that go into putting on a wedding. Ensure your nails stay chip free throughout the festivities by opting for shellac. Please don’t go crazy with the design or colour; every little thing stands out in photos!

2. Pump Up Your Skincare

Treat yourself to a heavy-duty face mask packed with active ingredients that are proven to perform. Our recommendation is a skin saviour from Paula’s Choice that plumps the surface while also minimizing any blemishes due to its retinol content. Use this at least two nights before the wedding to ensure skin has time to chill out.

3. Oh, and Absolutely Do Not…

Get a haircut or worse, colour change right before participating in a wedding! Imagine the potential disaster of going in for a fresh “trim” the day before the big event and having your hairstylist accidentally cut off a few extra inches of hair. Or trying a new haircolour that ends up not suiting you at all. Play it safe!

4. Light It Up

We know, we know — white strips aren’t the best long-term option for overall oral health. But this is a special occasion! Use white strips a few nights before the wedding to brighten up your smile for the endless photos. This tip is best for bridesmaids wearing bright lipstick colours as they naturally draw attention to your teeth.

5. Until The Sun Comes Up

You’ll want to smell amazing as receptions often go on until the wee hours of the night. A well-known trick is to apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly over your pulse points. Then, spritz on your fave perfume. This combo allows the scent to sit on top of the skin for a long time since Vaseline acts as a barrier. Plus, it’s cost effective!

6. Element-Proof Your Makeup

Okay, so you’ll most likely get your makeup professionally done, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Once your look is finalized, mist Skindinävia’s award-winning spray over everyone’s face in the room. The Makeup Finishing Spray in Bridal promises to be “kiss-proof, cry-proof and sweat-proof” for up to 16 hours. Think of the wedding photos!

7. Practice Makes Perfect

In case you have to do your own makeup (no biggie!), practice the look you want to go for a few weeks in advance, multiple times. Try to nail the application by watching tons of YouTube tutorials and mastering your technique. Pro tip: Snap pics of yourself in a variety of lighting condition to make sure your makeup looks good from all angles.

8. Please Don’t Flake

As a member of the bride’s brigade, you’re bound to be rubbing shoulders with guests all day long, so make sure your skin is soft and well taken care of. Get down in the shower with Soap and Glory’s Flake Away Body Polish. Its yummy fruity scent combines sea salt, shea butter and plant oils for an intense exfoliation that is equally moisturizing. Focus on elbows, knees, feet, and underarms.

9. Plan for the Worst

We’re not talking First Aid when we say have a travel size kit at the ready in case of any potential disasters. A few days before the big day, brainstorm every possible beauty mishap that may occur and plan for it! Pack bobby pins that perfectly match the colour of your hair, mini makeup remover wipes for when you cry through your waterproof mascara, blotting sheets in case of unwanted shine and anything else you can think of. Store them all in a cute monogrammed makeup bag like this one from Sephora!

If you take anything away from this article remember to be supportive, let loose and smile! Let us know of any bridesmaid beauty tips we missed in the comments below.

Inspiration Image Courtesy of All Womens Talk

Product Info:


1. Nail design image courtesy of Alicia Torello

2. Paula’s Choice SKIN RECOVERY Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum With Retinol, $34

3. Bride Wars Movie image courtesy of Glamour Mag

4. Crest 3D White Whitestrips Glamorous White, $46.83 for 12 treatments, available at Walmart

5. Vaseline Original Petroleum Jelly, $3.67, available at Amazon

6. Skindinävia The Makeup Finishing Spray Bridal, $29

7. Bridesmaid Makeup Tutorials on YouTube

8. Soap and Glory Flake Away Body Polish, $21.21, available at ULTA

9. Sephora The Jetsetter: Personalized Pouch, $25

By: Taja Jarvis, Toronto, @TVJV

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Beauty Jobs – Q&A with Denise Elliott, CEO of Denise Elliott Beauty Co.

Friday, April 14th, 2017

Beauty Nine to Five - Beauty Jobs in Canada

Inspiration image (1)

Balancing what you love with the demands of owning a successful business takes hustle, motivation and most importantly, talent. Meet Denise Elliott, CEO of Denise Elliott Beauty and Co., who runs a full service beauty salon based in Vancouver.   

Following the salon’s recent grand opening, Beauty Nine to Five caught up with Denise to discuss the biggest challenges of working in the beauty industry, the importance of social media in running a business and, of course, top beauty tips!    

The Studio (credit Ema Peter Photography)

BNTF: Your growth in the beauty industry is inspirational — from working with major brands to starting your own mobile beauty company to now opening Denise Elliott Beauty Co! What are some challenges you’ve had to face to get where you are today?

DE: Thank you – it’s been a long road and it’s taken a lot of dedication to get here! There have been many challenges with running my own business. The main one that sticks out the most is turning off “work mode”. I seem to work all the time and sometimes at all hours. It’s been difficult finding the balance with work, personal and social life.  The consistent emails, team scheduling, and just day-to-day appointments – you can never get caught up! That said it’s all worth it in the end.

BNTF: What can new clients look forward to when they walk through the doors of the brand new Denise Elliott Beauty Co. makeup and hair salon?

DE: We’re a full service beauty salon. Services vary from makeup, hair styling, including colours and cuts, to hosting lessons and parties. Our team loves hosting any type of groups from weddings, grads, bachelorette makeup parties, teen lessons, birthdays and all sorts of other beauty events.

We totally understand that a beauty studio can be a little intimidating for some people and I wanted to make a super welcoming space where our clients can come in and feel comfortable asking questions and learning all about feeling and looking their best!

We also retail a full range of our favourite makeup, skincare and hair products, so we make recommendations and help to educate out clients what works best for them.

BNTF: Do you have any tips for young talent wanting to work in the industry? How can an aspiring MUA or hairstylist land a gig with you?

DE: For new aspiring talent, it’s really important to be professional and eager to learn certain techniques that are in line with the brand. We focus on enhancing our client’s natural beauty and it’s really important to have new talent be able to create the similar style.

BNTF: Your social media platform @deniseelliottbeautyco is super aesthetic. Does social media play a role for your business in the real world?

DE: Yes, social media is a major role in our business. We have clients email or message us through social media wanting to book our services whether it’s for a wedding, makeup or hair service for a special event or photoshoot. It’s nice to have other vendors always tag us because that creates awareness and builds community. Cross promotion is super helpful to anyone involved!Denise Elliott Beauty Co. 6

BNTF: What’s the signature Denise Elliott look and how does one achieve it?

DE: My philosophy is all about bringing out a woman’s natural beauty by enhancing their best features to complement their skin, style and personality. That means we want our customers to leave feeling confident, beautiful and knowledgeable about how to bring out their best features.

BNTF: Name a makeup “rule” you would never break. Name one you break all the time.

DE: The one makeup rule I can never break is putting an eye primer on! I can’t stress enough about having the eyeshadow last all day especially with having oily lids. I love doing eyes and for me using an eye primer is key!

One rule that I break is applying lip liner. If you want a red lip I do think it’s crucial to apply a lip liner, however with a soft lip colour I will sometimes just skip that step… oops!

BNTF: Finally, share a makeup trick more ladies and gents need to know about.

DE: After teaching numerous makeup lessons over the years to my clients I would definitely say my top tip is “less is more”. I can’t stress enough about starting with a light application and then adding more after if needed.

Images courtesy of Denise Elliott, @DeniseElliottBeauty

Image #2 by Ema Peters.

Other images by Christine Pienaar Photography

Taja Jarvis, Toronto, @TVJV

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Makeup Artist Jobs – Milk Makeup is Coming to Canada

Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

beauty-nine-to-five - beauty jobs in CanadaKelly Inspirational Image

The beauty gods over at Milk Makeup heard your prayers and it’s finally possible to buy their highly covetable products at Sephora Canada online and in stores starting March 15th.

From a primer that minimizes pores by 68% to a felt tip lip marker, the super popular brand makes products that are cruelty-free and easy to use. Not to mention, their cool minimalistic packaging, multi-use portability, and innovative formulations make them hard to pass up. The brand — which sprung out of fashion hub Milk Studios in NYC and LA — is all about embracing diversity, inclusivity, and uniqueness; very fitting for 2017 and beyond.

Below you’ll find some of the products that we can’t wait to get our hands on north of the border.

1.Holographic Stick

Holographic Stick

One of the newer products for the line, this futuristic lavender-hued highlighter will take your glow to another level. Formulated with mango butter and avocado oil, the multi-use stick can be applied to cheekbones, eyes or lips and is suitable for every skin tone. It’s hydrating, prismatic, and melts into your skin for a flawless finish — everything you’ve ever wanted in a highlighter and more.  

2. Blush Oil

Blush Oil

A cheek colour that easily rolls on and plumps the skin? Sign us up! This innovative rollerball blush pen is infused with four different types of oil and gives a sheer watercolour effect, which is perfect for those who tend to unintentionally overdo it with powder blush.

3. Shadow Quad

Shadow Quad

When the texture of an eyeshadow is referred to as “marshmallow cream”, you know you’re in for a treat. Another new product, the eye palette quads offer both buildable natural and smoky colours so you can create a look for day or night (the quads are aptly named Day Goals and Night Goals).

4.Cooling Water

Cooling Water

What do you call a gel stick that simultaneously soothes and tightens skin with seawater and caffeine, depuffs the under eye area, and also primes the skin? Bliss in a stick, that’s what. But in all seriousness, Milk’s unique Cooling Water does all of that and more. It boosts moisture, restores glow, and energizes the skin.

5. Ubame Mascara

Ubame Mascara

Milk has made use of the trendy ingredient charcoal in their formulation for mascara, and for good reason. The ubame oak charcoal gives dense colour and a creamy texture to the mascara, making it easy on the eyes (pun intended). The cherry on top of the triple ball brush? Sapphire dust, which adds dimension and depth of colour.  

6. Natural Dry Shampoo

Natural Dry Shampoo

There are many dry shampoos on the beauty market these days, but few are made with natural rice starch and scented with white tea. This aerosol version absorbs excess oil and adds texture — because sometimes washing your hair the traditional way just isn’t in the cards.

Inspirational Image

Inspirational image courtesy of Pinterest

Product Info

  1. Milk Makeup Holographic Stick, $34, available at Sephora
  2. Milk Makeup Blush Oil, $31, available at Sephora
  3. Milk Makeup Shadow Quad, $43, available at Sephora
  4. Milk Makeup Cooling Water, $29, available at Sephora
  5. Milk Makeup Ubame Mascara, $29, available at Sephora
  6. Milk Makeup Natural Dry Shampoo, $17, available at Sephora

By: Kelly McLeod, Toronto, @KellyMcleod7

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Beauty Jobs – How to Network in the Beauty Industry

Monday, March 6th, 2017

Beauty Nine to Five - beauty careersTaja Inspiration Image

Much like its fashion counterpart, breaking into the beauty industry is no walk in the park. To be successful in this field you need passion, drive and most importantly, a strong work ethic.

Aspiring beauty gurus can get their foot in the door and a head start on the competition by building lasting relationships with industry professionals — so start networking ASAP! If you want to be a MUA or hairstylist on the retail level, work as a beauty editor at a leading magazine, or work at the head office in PR, social media or marketing, you need to start meeting people and immersing yourself in the industry however you can. So for those looking to break into the beauty game, we’ve got your back! Here are a few proven tips that will help you stand out.

Taja Text Image

Show Serious Interest

Peers in your field (especially employers) can sniff out authentic passion versus someone who has a mild, passing interest in a heartbeat. Show your genuine interest in the beauty world by engaging with the industry as much as you can. Blog about product launches, retweet your fave beauty influencers, stay savvy on all the latest industry happenings and immerse yourself in the beauty industry by staying up-to-date with events, beauty breakthroughs, and corporate announcements.

Put Yourself Out There

There are tons of industry events that open the door for great networking opportunities. Maximize your time by looking for those special instances when different brands are under the same roof — think Fashion Week or Generation Beauty. Meetups in your area are also a great way to connect with like-minded people. Get your name out there!

Be Yourself Online

Present yourself just as beautifully online as you do in person. Social media platforms are a great way to connect with specific people who may be able to help get you to where you need to go. Make it easy to network over social media by keeping all your profiles public. Believe it or not, but LinkedIn is a huge asset for those looking to break into the industry and can make a huge impact on your job search and overall industry networking potential. Here you can follow the companies you’d like to work with and connect with their employees, network in groups, and job hunt. Facebook, on the other hand, can be used to join beauty-networking groups, while Instagram can be used to follow and engage with your favourite brands, MUA, beauty bloggers, and influencers.

Major Key: The Follow-up

When networking, there are so many names and faces you come across that it gets hard to remember everyone. The follow up is without a doubt the #1 most important step of this process. Make sure your hard work doesn’t go to waste by sending a friendly but brief email after every new encounter. Nurture your professional relationships and watch them grow!

Are there any beauty industry networking tips we missed that have worked for you in the past? Tell us in the comments below!

Inspiration Image courtesy of Trendhunter

In-Text Image Courtesy of Man Repeller

By: Taja Jarvis, Toronto, @TVJV

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Makeup Artist Jobs – 7 Must-Have Products to Create an Effortless Holiday Glow

Saturday, December 24th, 2016


This time of year is a real tug-of-war between our excitement for Christmas, and our desire to escape the cold and fly to an island where we can be the true definition of a beach bum. Even with the extremely low temperatures, no one wants to look like Rudolph the red nose reindeer or Frosty the snowman. Luckily, I am here to let you know that you don’t have to! Forget daydreaming about the sun beaming down on your skin on a beach somewhere, here are 7 products you can use to achieve that sun-kissed glow throughout the holidays right at home. 


Shimmering Skin Perfector® Pressed Bronzed Amber

Escape the winter blues with this custom shade bronzer that also acts as a highlighter and blush. This versatile hybrid highlighter enhances your skin’s natural undertone to provide an illuminating glow to any skin completion. Becca’s revolutionary bronzer doesn’t leave your skin looking glittery but instead leaves a shine finish that curves your facial features. 


Cover Shot: Eye Palettes

Wear the metallic shimmery eye shadow palette to help you imagine waves crashing against rocks as you sip your eggnog this season. As you already know, the metallic trend is on the rage, so why not incorporate it through your make-up? Use these metal shades of rose gold, pewter, and bronze to make a statement everywhere you go.


Rose Golden Blush Palette

This palette set includes a contouring powder, shiny highlighter, and rose toned blush. Use the matte finish Heavy Crown shade to create a tanned look, the cream iridescent highlighter to outline your natural facial structure, and the glimmering blush to add a touch of colour to your cheeks. For highlighting addicts, blend these soft shades together to create a warm afterglow that will last all night long.


Custom Enhancer Drops

CoverFx’s liquid highlighter bronzing drops have changed the make-up game this past year. The popular product can be used in combination with primers, moisturizers, sunscreens, and more to create a golden glow and all over sun-kissed skin. The oil-free drops are available in 6 shades including Celestial, Moonlight, Sunlight and Candlelight which are all illuminators, plus the Sunset and Sunkissed bronzers.


Honey Bronze Shimmer Lip Balm

To complete the perfect holiday glow, layer this lip balm over your lipstick for succulent lips that offers an elegant shimmer finish. The Body Shop’s specialized line helps you achieve a lustrous look from head-to-toe, and is infused with their signature Honey Bronze fragrance for sweet-smelling moisturizing products. 


Ultimate Glow Kit

You’re bound to find your perfect shade using this limited edition highlighter palette. Each shade has it own enhancement from platinum effect, gold reflection, and peach lustre. The 6 shades available include Snow, White Sand, Golden Dawn, Sunray, Amber Gold, and Hot Sand. This highlighter kit is great for every skin tone and will inspire the perfect holiday glow.


Glow + Firming Moisturizer

Pale skin is that of the past with this self-tanner that progressively colours your skin in just one week! Not only does this product give your skin a natural looking tan, it also works to make your skin look firmer while acting as a moisturizer and keeping you looking and feeling soft. Jergens Natural Glow + Firming Moisturizer can be found at most drug stores and mass retailers. Use this daily moisturizer to give your skin a long-lasting shimmer this season.

Product Info:

Inspirational Image courtesy of Vogue

1. BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector® Pressed Bronzed Amber, $38

2. Smashbox Cover Shot: Eye Palettes, $35, available at Sephora

3. Zoeva Rose Golden Blush Palette, $21

4. CoverFx Customer Enhancer Drops, $52

5. The Body Shop Honey Bronze Shimmer Lip Balm, $10

6. Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit- Ultimate Glow, $45, available at Ulta

7. Jergens® Natural Glow + Firming Moisturizer, $10, available at Ulta


By: Dia McLaughlin, Mississauga, @diamari3

Beauty Jobs – Warm Weather and Weightless Skincare

Wednesday, August 17th, 2016

beauty-nine-to-five - beauty jobs1

The worst feeling is suffocating under layers of makeup –  on top of your 10-step skincare layering system, and this is especially true while trying to get through the most humid time of the year. The go-to tip seems to simply be “wear less” (or in this case, apply less) during the summer months. But that doesn’t have to mean you sacrifice taking care of your skin! Below, I’ve listed the best products that will nurture and maintain healthy skin, while being seasonably appropriate.


Hyaluronic acid is a skincare star due to its moisture-drawing abilities and Tata Harper’s lightweight essence is packed full of it. It nourishes the skin with a blend of natural humectants and moisture-enhancing floral extracts, like rose and lavender. It’s a treat to use throughout the day (even on top of makeup), just spritz your face whenever you’re in need of an uplifting refresher.


The Hydration Serum from Pure + Simple is one of the best I’ve found for intense moisture with a lightweight consistency. It has a watery gel texture that always dries to a beautiful finish. It’s the perfect item if you like to layer your skincare products and with continued use, you can expect a softened, refined and dewy complexion.


You can cut down on steps in your routine or opt for mixing them together with this versatile and hydrating gel from Drunk Elephant. It’s full of ceramides, vitamins and other skin-quenching ingredients that are particularly beneficial when battling an oily complexion. It absorbs instantly upon application, leaving a smooth, matte finish. This cooling gel is great to use when you don’t feel for a lotion or cream.


Indie Lee’s pure squalane oil (derived from olives) is suitable for all skin types. Throughout the day, it will help with moisture-retention along with promoting skin elasticity, boosting cell regeneration and protecting against sun damage. Squalane oil is also known to improve skin tone and diminish age spots. It lands a spot on this list due to its non-greasy and weightless texture, one that’s easily absorbed into the skin.


Sometimes when it’s too hot, using only a cleanser, toner and moisturizer is the most practical option. In this case, Ole Henriksen’s Sheer Transformation is one of the best choices for oil-free, light moisture. The whipped texture works to gently exfoliate uneven and dull skin with the help of a multi-fruit AHA complex. It can also be used as a base for makeup, keeping skin soft, smooth and radiant, so you can skip primer!

Inspiration Image courtesy of Into The Gloss

  1. Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence, $81, available at Sephora
  2. Pure + Simple Hydration Serum, $50
  3. Drunk Elephant B Hydra Intensive Hydration Gel, $65, available at Sephora
  4. Indie Lee Squalane Facial Oil, $35, available at The Detox Market
  5. Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation, $48, available at Sephora

By Savana Gray

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Beauty Jobs – 90s Beauty Trends

Friday, May 27th, 2016

beauty-nine-to-five - beauty jobs

Britney blasting and Thursday night dedicated to Friends – we loved the 90s. Reliving the look of that decade is easy this year with the hottest makeup trends for the season. The spring 2016 runway collections showcased many of the beauty styles we loved in the 90s, from the extreme dark hues to nearly nude lips; body glitter everywhere; sparkly eyeshadows and French nails.

Bold, dark lips, complemented designer clothes this season. Far from the pretty pastels we expect at this time of year, chocolate browns, deep berries, burgundies and vampy black, were the rage of dark colours showcased. Stock up now as these colours stay on the forefront for the Fall 2016 collections as well.


Bobbi Brown gives us one of our favorite dark hues this season.  

Pic 2

To the other extreme, the 90s look of barely there nude lips provides a beautiful muted color palette and was highlighted in Armani and Burberry’s runway looks.Pic 3

Light, earthy beiges are perfected in Burberry’s spring collection.  

Pic 4

Nothing reminds us of the 90s more than body glitter. It is back in a big way this season with models using glitter on their eyes, under their eyes, all over the face, as nail decor and on the lips. Shimmering lip glosses and sparkly shadow also pick up on the trend this season. 

Pic 5

We love the multi-use Mac Body Glitter which can be used on skin, eyes, and hair and available in 27 different shades. 

Pic 6

French manicures were the must have on our tips in the 90s. Even though the look has stayed popular over the years, this season the classic style was back on the runways, as well as some great new twists to the look. 

Pic 7

1. Image of model from Ese Azenbor 2016 Spring Collection courtesy of Getty Images

2. Bobbi Brown Lip Color in Blackberry-Chocolate Berry available at Sephora , $32

3. Image of model courtesy of

4. Burberry Kisses Lipstick in Nudge Beige available at Sephora, $36

5. Image of model from Creatures of the Wind 2016 Spring collection courtesy of E Online

6. Mac Glitter in Fuchsia, $26

7. Image of model courtesy of Harpers Bazaar


Inspirational Image: Image courtesy of 

By: Catherine Moar, Calgary, @cmoar

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Makeup Artist Jobs: Career Chat: Q&A With Julie Martinson

Monday, May 2nd, 2016

beauty-nine-to-five - beauty jobs in canada2When I first met Julie Martinson, I was kind of in awe.  She worked a full time job, in a very stressful industry, had an amazing blog where she posted the newest arrivals, sometimes multiple times a day, and was founder of a community of bloggers compiled with established and aspiring Canadians, providing help and expertise whenever needed. I’ve been lucky enough to spend time with Julie over the last year and a bit, and I can attest to the fact she is every bit as impressive as her profile makes her out to be.


I was able to sit down with her and chat about the PR and blogging industry, and how they have impacted her career. Keep reading to find out all about her, and her suggestions for anyone who may want to break into the industry. 

BNTF: How did you first get into blogging?

JM: I was really involved in the Make Up Alley community back in 2010, writing reviews and doing swaps, and during that time I met some beauty bloggers who encouraged me to start!

BNTF:  What inspired you to establish Canadian Beauty Bloggers (CBB)?

JM: It was actually a blogger friend of mine, Kalyn, who had the idea. She wanted to form a community where we could feel safe and supported. I immediately jumped at the chance to help build this community and we’re up to over 300 blogger today!

BNTF: How do you think the Canadian blogging industry differs from other parts of the world, like the U.S. or U.K.?

JM: I feel like we’re way less competitive in Canada. We’re grateful for any opportunities we’re given and we love helping each other instead of seeing others as competition. I have always been excited and proud of my blogger friends when they get opportunities, not jealous or angry.

BNTF:  Do you think it’s possible to transition from blogging as a hobby to a career, given the competitive nature of the industry? 

JM: It’s possible but you really have to work at it. I would suggest having a large, large nest egg of savings before you quit your day job.  Freelance writing, sponsored opportunities and ad revenue fluctuates every month. It’s important to explore lots of channels, not just a blog, like Youtube, posting for mainstream media or hosting events.

BNTF: Do you think that blogging has impacted your career?  How important of a role can it play in helping people prepare for future jobs? 

JM: I definitely think blogging has helped my career. I am currently working as a Creative Director at a PR agency and I am able to help everyone see things from both perspectives, as a brand and as a blogger. We’re able to really tailor our blogger campaigns because of this insight.

Blogging has helped me become more organized, patient and consistent. It shows true passion and dedication to run a blog as a hobby, skills that you can definitely use in the workforce. It also has increase my network 5x over I am sure, and opportunities come my way that I would have never had before.

BNTF: By day you’re a copywriter/CD in an advertising/PR firm. Can you explain what a day in the life is like for you?

JM: Honestly, every day is different. I usually start off with an hour in the morning just prepping for the day: catching up on emails, seeing what has gone on in the world (I like reading The Skimm before work), and making sure I am set for any meetings or presentation. Then I usually sit with my design partner and we start to work. It usually involves 1-2 brainstorms on different brands, a client call and a lot of jokes!

BNTF:  I think a lot of people who don’t blog/vlog still don’t understand the popularity and influence these forms of media have.  How do you think these forms of media have changed the PR and Advertising industry?

JM: People have started to distrust traditional advertising (TV, print etc) so brands have to turn to trusted voices, such as influencers, to help get their message across. I have seen ad budgets shift from 70-80% traditional channels (TV, print, digital, social), to more of a 50/50 split between traditional advertising and influencer marketing. Good news for us in the PR world!

BNTF: Where do you think industries like Advertising and PR are headed?  Do you think companies should treat social media platforms more seriously? 

JM: Things have definitely shifted a lot over the past few years. Brands/agencies now need to pay to be seen and heard on social media. And to gain trust, they need to partner with influencers to really create a strong relationship with the consumer.

But with the heavy reliance on influencer marketing, I am guessing another shift will happen in a couple years where the market is saturated and begins to distrust any sponsored influencer campaign. Who knows what will be next, maybe VR? It will definitely be tech-focused.

BNTF: You’ve had the opportunity to attend events, and meet some amazing people in the industry.  What networking skills do you think are important to have?  How should you prepare before going to an event full of potential contacts? 

JM: I always make sure to introduce myself to the people running the event and thank them for inviting me. I know events can take a lot of work and dedication to put together and it’s important to acknowledge that and stay humble. ALWAYS show up if you’ve said you will attend. Nothing is worse for a PR person than an empty room…

I always prepare by making sure I know the names of my main contacts… and having business cards.

BNTF: What do you think it takes to be a successful beauty blogger? Any words of advice?

JM: Always strive to do the best you can. If you’re not happy with a post or photo, redo it! There’s nothing worse than having something out there you aren’t proud of.

Stay organized. Once you start receiving press samples, it will be important to track each one and review in a timely manner. Spreadsheets are your friends!

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Sometimes we can get caught up in release dates, deadlines and traffic stats. It’s important to do what you want to do and not copy others. This is a passion and a hobby, if you don’t love it then it will feel like work!

Katherine Lake, Toronto, @TheGreenBows

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Makeup Artist Jobs – 6 of the Best Green Beauty Brands You Need in Your Makeup Bag

Friday, April 22nd, 2016

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In honour of Earth Day we have made it our personal mission to go green, especially with our skin and makeup products. With so many natural and organic brands available, looking good and doing our little part to save the planet can go hand in hand.   

We have fallen for Britain’s organic beauty pioneer, Neal’s Yard Remedies, ever since they arrived in Canada. From growing their own herbs and flowers for their products, to production in an eco friendly facility, their ethically produced skin care has made them a green leader around the world. Our go to product is their multi tasking Wild Rose Beauty Balm, an exfoliating cleanser, face mask, nourishing balm, smoothing hair treatment, and post shave cream all in one. Who needs anything else?

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Produced in their workshop in scenic Canmore, Alberta, Rocky Mountain Soap Company is one of our favorites with their toxin free soaps and skin care products, which work wonders for our sensitive skin. Their eco friendly dedication has been further enhanced at the retail level with their stores being developed with reused and reclaimed materials. Their new Hydrating Face mask, full of aloe and honey works wonders on our dry skin. 

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Everyone loves Lush. With their fresh, handmade, organic and vegan products they have been international leaders in the industry with their ethical buying, animal cruelty protection and environmental protection practices. We love their liquid lipsticks full of organic jojoba oil, making our lips super soft and bright. 

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Another green leader, Tarte cosmetics, whose lip colours and blushes have been long time favorites, brings us Tartiest Lash Paint mascara, full of naturally derived ingredients. 

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Long before all-natural was the trend, Burt’s Bees was on the scene. A pioneer in the field, we adore their new tinted lip balms, a hint of colour with nourishing botanical waxes. 

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Saje Wellness prides itself in its focus on natural wellness and essential oils in its products. Their aloe vera infused cleansing sponges have become a staple in our night time routine 

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Product Details:

Neal’s Yard Remedies Wild Rose Beauty Balm, $72

Rocky Mountain Soap Company Hydrating Face Mask, $12.50

Lush Lipstick in Glamorous, $19.95

Tarte tartiest lash paint mascara, $28

Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm, $5.99

Saje Wellness Konjac Kare with Aloe Vera Enriched Cleansing Sponge, $9.95

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By: Catherine Moar, @cmoar

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Makeup Artist Jobs – Career Chat : Q&A With India Rose

Wednesday, April 20th, 2016

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Vancouver has recently welcomed new boutique India Rose Cosmeticary and it’s here to offer the best in beauty! Being the sole Canadian retailer of many luxury brands, India Rose specializes in hard-to-find cult products that will be the perfect addition to your cosmetics collection. Owner India Daykin gives us the 411 on what IRC is all about, being a new entrepreneur and her makeup must-haves!



Beauty Nine to Five: Congrats on the opening of India Rose Cosmeticary! Where did your love for beauty stem from?

India Daykin:  My love of beauty started at a very early age— I bought my first makeup kit from Walmart when I was 9 years old and gave makeovers to anyone who would let me. I loved playing around with product and at one point, in the fourth grade, I even had my own little lipgloss business where I would melt vaseline and eyeshadow together to make different colours. It didn’t exactly take off, but my love of all things beauty-related has grown ever since.


BNTF: What sets IRC apart from other beauty companies?

ID: IRC sells predominantly all-natural and organic beauty products that are cruelty free and environmentally friendly. We focus on sustainable beauty that doesn’t compromise in luxury or performance. In addition to this, we are the only Canadian retailer of many sought-after lines like Joelle Ciocco skincare and Strange Invisible Perfumes.


BNTF: Can you give us a bit of a description of what type of products you can find at IRC?

ID: I tried to choose a selection of everything I thought was best— the best toothpaste, the best hair serum, the best brow pencil. I’m all about curating your medicine cabinet to fill it only with things that work for you. On a general level, though, we sell haircare, skincare, body products, and makeup. We also have a small selection of men’s products.


BNTF: We’ve seen on your Instagram that IRC also offers Makeup Artistry! Tell us a bit about this service.


ID: We do! I went to makeup school on weekends while I was at UBC and I worked as a freelance artist while I was pursuing my BA. Here we offer a variety of services for anything from every day to special events. We also offer lessons for teens and or women who just want a little refresher at the beginning of a new season.


BNTF: What challenges have you faced in starting your own business?

ID: I’m only 22 years old so everything starting out was a challenge. I think the greatest challenge though was reaching out to different lines, and having nothing to show them to prove my legitimacy, and getting them to sell their product to me. However, in the end it was the aspect of starting my business that I enjoyed the most and found the most rewarding.


BNTF: What’s your favourite aspect of owning your own business?

ID: My favourite aspect of owning my business is that I get to dictate my own schedule. That schedule usually means being at work 24/7, but when it is something that you’re passionate about, it doesn’t seem like work.

BNTF: What does a typical day in the life of a new business owner look like?

ID: As a new business owner, I feel like I do a little bit of everything. On an average day I might be mopping the floors and windexing shelves, replying to customer emails, processing new shipments and placing orders for more product. Maybe I’ll have a couple makeup appointments. I’m on the floor selling product to clients. I really have no firm job description but it keeps things interesting.


BNTF: What’s your favourite advice for female entrepreneurs in the industry?

ID: There’s always the classic “never underestimate the amount of work that goes into starting a new business”, which is very true— no matter how prepared or experienced you are, there is always more to do than you anticipate, especially near the end when there are a million tiny things that have to fall into place. However, for women, I would say the best piece of advice I’ve received is to not be afraid to speak up and ask for things. Most of the time, things won’t get done in the way you want and in the timeframe you need unless you give someone a clear outline of your expectations. You also don’t know something isn’t possible until you ask for it.


BNTF: Red lip or smokey eye?

ID: Smokey eye always. I hate going out and having to worry about reapplying lipstick.

BNTF: Favourite contour trick?

ID: Take a cream contour or bronzer and make a “3” along the sides of your face and then blend with a beauty blender.

BNTF: Holy grail brow product?

ID: Ecobrow! An eco-friendly brow pomade that fills in your brows in a very natural way while keeping them in place all day.

BNTF:  There are countless amazing beauty products these days! Any go-tos that you feel aren’t praised enough?

ID: Right now I’m obsessed with beauty products that make getting ready really fast. I love Vapour Organic Beauty—all of their cream based products are applied to your face straight out of the tube making getting ready possible in a second, even in the car! I also love Christophe Robin’s colour masks that act as a toner to preserve your hair colour—So cool.

BNTF: If you could tell people to go out and buy one product right now what would it be?

ID: Troi Ollivierre lip stains! They make bright colours so wearable and are such an easy thing to toss in your handbag for the summer.

BNTF: One beauty item that you take with you everywhere?

ID: Glossier Balm dotcom. I don’t leave the house without it.

BNTF: What does the future hold for India Rose Cosmeticary?

ID: This summer I’m launching eCommerce for the store so that everyone in Canada can have access to our wonderful selection of products.


By: Shania Brown, @shaniabrown

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