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Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

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Blink Brow Bar’s One Year Anniversary Party I was lucky enough to bump into Caroline MacGillivray and learn about all that Beauty Night Society does for the community. After listening, learning and hearing her heartfelt stories, I asked if Caroline would be willing to share a bit more of Beauty Night Society with the Beauty Nine to Five readers.

This hardworking and dedicated group of people is changing lives, giving women second chances and propelling them to hone in on their strengths, grow their self-esteem, and take back their lives from volatile situations such as abuse and drug addiction. Caroline is the National Executive Director and founder of Beauty Night Society, and she along with her colleagues, are changing the way we approach domestic abuse and drug addiction to build women up to be healthier, happier, and stronger.

Bree Alywin: Could you summarize what Beauty Night Society is and how is effects the community?

Caroline MacGillivray: Beauty Night is an award – winning registered charity that offering programming to build self-esteem and change lives for impoverished women and youth. By the end of 2014, we will have given 50K life makeovers thanks to 500 volunteers.

BA: How did you and your co-founders come up with the concept for Beauty Night Society?

CM: I was volunteering at WISH Drop-In Centre in Vancouver’s DTES. One night one of the ladies came in who had had a horrific day. She didn’t want to eat, speak or sleep. When I asked what she wanted, she wanted to feel clean. After she had a shower, she found a curling iron at the bottom of the donations. After it got hot enough to curl her hair, she realized her arm was so battered that she wasn’t able to curl her hair. I did it for her. Afterwards she thanked me for making her feel “human” and gave me a hug. As I continued to volunteer, more women started asking for beauty services. Out of the needs of the women, I founded Beauty Night.

BA: Where does Beauty Night Society happen?

CM: We offer our wellness, life skills development and makeover programs in shelters, drop-in Centre’s, first and second stage housing development, hospitals and correctional facilities.

BA: Who can attend the Beauty Night Society events?

CM: We work with 40+ community partners in Metro Vancouver, The women and youth who access our services find out about it through working with the organizations we partner with. Most of our participants are impoverished seniors, moms & kids or street youth.

BA: What are the fundamental goals of Beauty Night Society gatherings?

CM: Our goals are to build a safe community where everyone feels respected and treated with dignity.

Through the services and treatments we offer, we aim to offer healthy touch. Many of our participants have experienced physical and/or sexual violence.

Through the services, we offer friendship and give our participants an opportunity to share their stories. Through this process we have helped thousands of participants connect to housing, health care, support, and other services to impact positive changes in their lives.

BA: Where do you see Beauty Night Society in the next ten years?

CM: In the next 10 years, we are aiming to build additional community partnerships and create change our participants lives in a variety of ways. Education, potential employment opportunities and access to services are ways we continue to grow. Based on our participants’ needs, the resources we can co – create with our community and corporate partners, I see opportunities for huge growth. In the short term, we need to increase our resources as we have 23 organizations on our wait list for our services.

BA: How do women find Beauty Night Society events/ is there any contact information?

CM: Thanks to our community partnerships and social media, many of our participants connect with us directly.

BA: Is Beauty Night Society looking for volunteers? If so, how may be apply?

CM: Volunteers are so important. We are looking for volunteers who can commit to once a week evening shift. Beauty and wellness professionals we are in need of. We also need support for fundraising, sponsorship and front line volunteers.

Our volunteer orientations are held once a month. Potential volunteers can apply through our website

BA: Can people donate to Beauty Night Society?

CA: Every $25 donated helps us help 10 participants each month. Our friends from Blink Brow Bar raised $3400 which enables us to help 1360 participants. Every dollar counts. Donations can be made directly on our website.


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