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Beauty Jobs – Back to School Beauty Must-Haves

Monday, August 27th, 2018

Beauty Nine to Five - Beauty Jobs in Canada

We hate to break it to you, but with August almost halfway through, it’s time for some of us to get our heads out of the sand and thinking back to school. There are so many great guides out there to help us navigate back to school styles, stationary picks, and dorm room essentials so we decided to have your beauty needs covered. Back to school beauty especially for those hitting up the dorm rooms or sharing a tiny apartment with roommates should be easy, space saving, versatile and most of all affordable. We’ve got it all covered from skincare to haircare with our back to school beauty must-haves guide!

Silk’n Blue Acne Eliminator Device
The stress from back to school can bring on hormone changes and stress-eating, which can all lead to breakouts. Even if going back to class has you as cool as a cucumber, even those of us with the best skin aren’t safe from occasional breakouts. Whatever your skin (or stress) condition may be, having to store endless skincare products can be a bit of a pain in the you know what. Luckily, the Silk’n Blue Acne Eliminator Device is a compact and effective tool for clear skin. The blue light technology works to cleanse the skin while healing acne at the source and preventing future breakouts. Trust us when we say you’ll probably never use any of your acne products after getting your hands on this miracle device.

Marc Anthony Thick & Full Volume Cocktail
The only thing we love more than a great hair product that works is two! The Marc Anthony Cocktail line has four products for different styling needs with each bottle containing two different Marc Anthony products. The bottles are designed with two compartments and individual nozzles so you have the option to either use both products together, or each separately. The Full Volume Cocktail is our go-to pick out of the bunch for it being one of the more versatile options working for both straight and curly styles. But they also have a formula for Curls, Beach Waves and Straight styles if those are more suitable for your hair needs.

Pharmagel Complete Eye Beauté
School season probably means late nights studying, or social events, and early mornings for class. All this lack of sleep can cause puffy eyes and dark circles, which is why we couldn’t let you head to class without some help. Pharmagel’s Complete Eye Beaué are round pads packed with botanical based ingredients to help revive your eyes and help you look rested. These pads take five minutes to work by placing one over each eye. You can also cut them in half and place them underneath each eye if you’re looking to protect eyelash extensions.

T3 Micro Whirl Trio
Anyone else guilty of having an endless drawer or basket filled with hair tools and tangled cords? We know we are! T3 Micro came up with a great solution for limiting your curling tools with their Whirl Trio curling wand. The Whirl Trio comes with three different sized detachable barrels for multiple styling options out of one single tool. It has five adjustable heat settings allowing you to customize your needs depending on your hair type. We also love that base is interchangeable so you can pair it with their other clip style barrels from T3 Micro.  Smashbox #ShapeMatters Palette
Everyone wishes they could have a make-up collection that rivals Kylie Jenner or Mario Dedivanovic but not all of us have the funds, or space to even attempt it. All in one palettes are a great way to save space in your make-up bag or case. This Smashbox #ShapeMatters palette comes with eyeshadows, eyebrow powder and wax, and contour powders to give you a complete look. We love that the colours in this palette are neutral and versatile, so we doubt it’ll end up like some palettes that only get a few colours used.


Inspirational Image:
Image courtesy of Vogue


Product Info:

  1. Silk’n Blue Acne Eliminator Device, $149
  2. Marc Anthony Thick & Full Volume Cocktail, $12, available at Ulta
  3. Pharmagel Complexe Eye Beauté, $40
  4. T3 Micro Whirl Trio, on sale $270
  5. Smashbox #ShapeMatters Palette, $69, available at Sephora


By: M.J. Elle, Toronto, ON, @TheMJElle

5 Lipsticks You Need This Summer

Thursday, July 26th, 2018

Beauty Nine to Five - Beauty Jobs in Canada

Summer is a time to have fun with makeup looks between big festival looks to barely-there makeup perfect for wear from day to night. No matter if you like to keep your regular routine or stick to something a little easier to wear through the heat, if there’s one item that isn’t leaving our make-up bags for summer it’s got to be lipstick. Summer is definitively the season to play with bright hues that compliment sunkissed skin perfectly. If you’re looking to try something new for the summer months or just add another tool in your arsenal of colours, check out these five lipsticks you need for this summer.

Caryl Baker Visage Lipstick
If you’re into Canadian beauty, you definitely know Caryl Baker Visage. The experts in everything neck up, their product line and services range from skincare, aesthetics, and cosmetics. If you’ve never tried their lipsticks, we recommend you change that and are sure you’ll find something to love given their wide range of colours. Their gluten and paraben free formulas also include moisturizing ingredients like Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Avocado Oil to leave your lips hydrated. We love Flirt, the perfect shade of pink. Shop this item now: Caryl Baker Visage Lipstick in Flirt, $18.50

Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit
Would it even be a lipstick list without including the queen of all things lips? Whether you like to admit it or not, Kylie Jenner has really proven herself with her Kylie Cosmetics brand that has been greatly received by beauty reviewers and enthusiasts alike. Her staple Lip Kit comes in a variety of shades and finishes, and her newer colour Boss is the perfect shade of red for the summer. You might have to keep up for a relaunch though because this colour is currently sold out! Shop this item now: Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit in Boss, $38.50

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick
Another powerhouse in liquid lipstick department is none other than Kat Von D, another celebrity turned beauty queen thanks to her extremely successful cosmetics line. The Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks are some of the best in the market, really lasting through drinking, eating and daily wear making it perfect to wear at a day-long festival or poolside for the afternoon. A nice change from your classic red for summer is this bright orange shade, that compliments golden glow perfectly. Shop the item now: Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in A-Go-Go, $24, available at Sephora

NYX Cosmetics Plush Gel Lipstick
One look we love for summer is fresh, dewy skin but usually achieving that look with your lipstick requires a stick mess of gloss. We are so thankful we stumbled upon the NYX Cosmetics Plush Gel Lipstick collection a few months back and have been obsessing over it ever since. If you’re looking for a go-to barely-there nude to carry with you all summer long, Nude Beach has to be our pick. But at such an affordable price point, we wouldn’t be surprised if you pick up a few different shades! Shop this item now: NYX Cosmetics Plush Gel Lipstick in Nude Beach, $9

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine
Whether we actually make it there or not, we like to live our best summers pretending we’re soaking up the sun in the south of France. Well, what better way to do that then channeling your inner Parisienne with a good Chanel lipstick? We love the range of Rouge Coco Shine colours thanks to their moisturizing formula, featuring Hydratendre Complex, that is so sheen yet still with so much colour. Poppy Orange gives a gorgeous natural peach tone to lips with a shiny finish that’ll look great on your glass of Rosé. Shop this item now: Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Poppy Orange, $37


Product Info:
Caryl Baker Visage Lipstick in Flirt, $18.50
Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit in Boss, $38.50
Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in A-Go-Go, $24, available at Sephora
NYX Cosmetics Plush Gel Lipstick in Nude Beach, $9
Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Poppy Orange, $37


By: M.J. Elle, Toronto, ON, @TheMJElle

Beauty Jobs – Top Products for Glowing Summer Skin

Friday, June 22nd, 2018

Beauty Nine to Five - Beauty Jobs in Canada

Hot summer days aren’t the best for heavy contours or bold eyelids, so luckily the “no makeup” look is this season’s makeup trend seen all over celebrities, runways and magazine pages. Sticking to a more minimalistic approach to applying makeup, the key to nailing this look is focusing on lightly highlighting your features while complimenting glowing, sun-kissed skin with a dewy fresh finish that’s easy to wear from day into the evening. To complete this look with confidence you’ll want to work on taking care of your skin by staying hydrated, eating clean and maintaining a good skincare routine paired with the right products. Here are our summer favourites that are sure to give you glowing, summer skin!

Skin Owl Maqui Berry Beauty Whip
A great foundation for good makeup is great skin and this multi-use cream is a skin saver. The Skin Owl Beauty Whip can be used as a facemask, makeup primer or added with Beauty Drops as a booster which makes it perfect to bring away with you on your summer trips. With so many ways to incorporate this into your beauty routine, it’s sure to find its place in your heart!
Buy Now: Skin Owl Maqui Berry Beauty Whip, $85, available at The Detox Market

Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist
Move all your other face mists aside, because you’re about to be introduced to the Queen of them all! The Queen of Hungary Mist a purifying and hydrating toner inspired by the world’s first recorded perfume, Queen of Hungary Water, that was formulated for Queen Elisabeth of Hungary in the 1300s. This toner can be used after cleansing, as a mid-day refresh or our favourite way to use it, as a makeup setting spray which leaves your skin looking dewy without being too glossy.
Buy Now: 
Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist, $123, available at Nordstrom

Smashbox Camera Ready BB Water Broad Spectrum SPF 30
This Smashbox water-based BB cream is our go-to for base makeup during the summer months. It’s light coverage and SPF 30 makes it ideal for a quick BB application during the day, but being water-based it builds great for more of a medium coverage for evening makeup. The Camera Ready BB Water delivers plenty of moisture to your skin and wears great throughout the day with no cracking, streaking or caking.
Buy Now: 
Smashbox Camera Ready BB Water Broad Spectrum SPF 30, $50, available at Sephora

Kjaer Weis Highlighter
What would glowing summer skin be without a good highlighter? You’ll probably want to skip your usual power highlight for this shimmering cream from Kjaer Weis. It’s perfectly silky texture applies great on the skin, and can be built on for a more intense glow. What we love most about the brand is its commitment to sustainability with their refillable containers designed by creative director Marc Atlan (the eye behind the Comme Des Garcons fragrance bottles) that are not only stunning but made with quality in mind. Your initial investment will be when you first purchase the cream compact, with refills coming in at $44.
Buy Now: Kjaer Weis Highlighter, $76, available at The Detox Market

Jouviance Hydractiv Coconut Melting Balm
Summer is all about easy looks so we can spend more time in the sun, so multi-use products are great to have in your arsenal. Jouviance’s Hydractiv Coconut Melting Balm is a miracle of a product, combining Coconut Oil and Hyaluronic Acid to deliver hydration, antioxidants and moisture balance while plumping and repairing the skin. Asides from using this as a moisturizer for dryer areas such as feet, hands, and legs, it can be used as an overnight mask, hair deep-conditioner or even a lip mask to help prep your pout for those bright summer colours.
Buy now: Jouviance Hydractiv Coconut Melting Balm, $45


Inspirational Image:
Image courtesy of Kylie Jenner Instagram


By: M.J. Elle, Toronto, ON, @TheMJElle

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Visiting Barefoot Beauty Toronto’s Natural Nail Salon

Thursday, March 8th, 2018

Beauty Nine to Five - Beauty Jobs in Canada

When it comes to nail salons in Toronto, there seems to be a new one popping up on every street corner.  However, there’s a new nail salon and beauty bar in the city that’s leagues apart from all the other ones.


Located on Queen East you’ll find Barefoot Beauty, a salon that’s not only extremely aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also an all-natural salon that’s changing the way you can get your nails done for the better.


But what truly sets this salon apart, is that it’s owned and operated by chiropodist Emily Stock, whose passion for health and wellness can be felt the moment you walk through the salon’s door.

So what is an all natural nail salon you ask? Well, it really is exactly how it sounds.


Barefoot Beauty only uses natural products made with the highest quality ingredients, including nail polishes that are all 5-free.


For those who don’t know what 5-free means, it’s kind of like the new gold standard when it comes to non-toxic polishes, and are free from formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, formaldehyde resin, and camphor.


But don’t feel like you’ll be limited to colours and brands, Barefoot Beauty has an impressive polish wall that’s stocked with tons of popular polish brands including ZOYA, Lauren B. Beauty, and Beyond Nail Lacquer.

But it’s not just the polishes that are better for both you, the salon also uses medical-grade sterilized tools offers environmentally-friendly and hygienic waterless services, and even makes a lot of its own service products in-house.


This means you can sit back, relax and fully enjoy your experience at Barefoot Beauty as you’ll know that your beauty routine is doing no harm.


Of course, the salon offers customers more than just relaxing mani and pedi, you can also enjoy a facial or get your waxing done by the salon’s professionally trained estheticians.


So if you’re looking to treat yourself to an all-natural nail and beauty experience, we highly recommend paying the wonderful team at Barefoot Beauty a visit.


To learn more or schedule an appointment with Barefoot Beauty, find them online here


Images courtesy of Barefoot Beauty


By Ainsley Smith, Toronto, @ainsleysmithy

Beauty Jobs – Beauty Shelf Life 101

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

All beauty lovers understand how easy it is to stock up on items that we think we need only to forget about them in the back of our makeup drawers. Unfortunately, like food, our beloved beauty products also have an expiration date, some longer than others.

You can tell a product is past its shelf life if its texture and smell are off from when you bought it. Continuing to use products that are passed their expiry dates can cause irritation and allergies to your skin, eyes, and lips, which is that thing that anyone wants to deal with.

If you’re feeling in the dark and want to know if the go-to mascara that you’ve been using for a while is still in good shape, keep reading!


This category covers all the items we typically use in our daily skincare routines such as eye creams, wrinkle creams, moisturizes and sunscreens. This category has a shelf life duration of one year if the product is kept sealed, and six to ten months once the product has been opened. 



Most beauty lovers have a collection of different perfumes each for a different occasion. Fragrance is the longest-lasting product in your beauty routine — by far! If stored well (with the topper closed properly), perfumes can last up to ten years.


Foundation, Blush, and Eyeshadows
Liquid and cream foundation, blushes and eyeshadows have the same shelf life as skincare products because of their consistency and texture. But powdered products, on the other hand, have a shelf life of one to three years depending on the formulation. 


Lipstick/ Lipglosses
It doesn’t matter if it’s a stick or liquid format; overall these items can last one year. After that, you’ll start to notice a change in the consistency and application; it gets patchy and hard to apply for both. Liquid lipsticks can even get moldy and you can notice a change in scent.


Lipliner and Eyeliner
Both lip and eyeliner have a shelf life of one to two years. When they’ve passed the expiry date, you’ll notice that when you apply them, the product won’t apply as smoothly anymore. It’s really important to monitor your eyeliner, as it gets in contact with your eye, which can be very susceptible to infection. 


Liquid and Gel Liner
It’s very important to ensure you don’t use these items past their expiry date. These are items that go near your eyes and if applied once expired you may put yourself at risk of infection. Liquid and gel liners can last three to four months, and you’ll notice that as soon as these start to dry out its time to toss them out.


Mascara lasts three to four months, and it’s very noticeable when it’s not in good shape anymore. You’ll notice the formula will begin to get clumpy or it will start to smell funny, which means it’s gone bad.


Nail Polish
For the nail lovers out there, do you know that after one to two year, your beloved summer shade can go bad? Besides storing well, a good tip is also getting that cool trend colour in small sizes. You’re going to get more use before it gets bad or outdated.


Inspirational Image
Image: courtesy of Cliona Hill


By: Junia Goncalves, Toronto, @travelcultureblog

Fashion Jobs – Beauty Trends for 2018

Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

Beauty Nine to Five - Beauty Jobs in Canada

As we head into the second month of 2018, it’s safe to say that this year is going to be filled with some incredible beauty trends. From the runways and Instagram to the red carpets at the biggest award shows, it appears that gold highlighter, lip stains, and glitter are going to be your must-have beauty items for 2018. Read on to see what other trends you’ll definitely be seeing a lot of.


The Gold Digger
We got the hint back in September when trendsetter Rihanna dropped her gorgeous Fenty Beauty collection, that gold makeup was going to quickly become all the rage. Following the drop of her iconic gold highlighter in ‘Trophy Wife’, other brands like Too Faced and Stila were quick to drop items that will help you shine all year around.

High Impact Lip Stain
Forget about matte liquid lipstick, this year is all about lip stains. One to keep your eyes peeled for is YSL’s Tatouage Couture Liquid Matte Lip Stain, as it’s incredibly lightweight yet provides a high-impact colour that will last for hours. 

Flawless Complexion
Contouring is so 2017, while 2018 is all about flawless, glowing skin. To reach the perfect look, try a water-based foundation, as it will help keep your skin hydrated, while still being able to build coverage the way you like it. Tarte Rainforest of the Sea is a must-have, as it’s full of great ingredients and has a great colour range.

Embrace Your Curls
Say goodbye to sleek, straight hair, we want waves! 2018 is all about rocking natural-inspired curls, and if you are more of a straight-haired gal, then you’re going to want to try Conair’s X-Large You Curl Wand to achieve perfect, effortlessly natural-looking waves. 

We Want Glitter
Remember when we talked about glitter everywhere during the holiday season? Well, it’s here to stay in 2018, especially on the eyes. From bold glittery lids to a delicate pop of shimmer along your lower lashline, a liquid glitter eyeshadow will be your best friend this year. We’re loving Stila’s Glitter Glow Liquid Eyeshadow as it small wand provides great control and precise application. 

Inspirational Images
Image courtesy of Makeup Lovers Unite

Product Info:
Fenty Beauty Highlighter in Trophy Wife, $42, available at Sephora
YSL Tatouage Couture liquid Matte Lip Stain, $43, available at Sephora
Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Foundation, $51, available at Tarte Cosmetics
Conair X-Large You Curl Wand, $34.96, available at Walmart
Stila Glitter Glow Liquid Eye Shadow, $31, available at Sephora

By: Junia Goncalves, Toronto, @travelcultureblog

Beauty Jobs – A Look Back at the Best Beauty of 2017

Monday, January 8th, 2018

Beauty Nine to Five - Beauty Jobs in Canada

We may have already said goodbye to 2017, but we definitley haven’t taken the time to reflect on our beauty choices from the past year. Between new launches and partnerships, 2017 was an explosion of amazing products new and old. While we know how different everyone’s beauty tastes can be, the claims for the best of the year usually come as a common agreement. In honour of the year that’s past, we’ve narrowed down our list of the best of the best beauty finds of 2017. 

We went Canadian with the lips category and chose Toronto-based Bite Beauty. In 2017, Bite Beauty launched its first liquid lipstick formula that is nothing short of amazing. It’s highly pigmented, very nourishing, and comes in 20 unique shades – making it a must-have for all lipstick lovers.

When it comes to blush, we had to go with Hourglass’ Ambient Lighting Blush Collection. This beautiful collection gives off a subtle highlight, giving the cheeks a beautiful glow without looking too heavy. It’s a buildable product, so it’s super easy to work with.

The perfect combination of colour and structure, Physicians Formula bronzers are long-lasting giving you a subtle tan all year around. Physicians Formula is known for its flattering shades that work with every skin tone.

Drugstore brands are upping their game when it comes to quality products, and we are happy to say that Milani stole our hearts with its Strobelight Glow Powders. This collection is not only $10, but it’s available in seven different shades that you can blend together to create the ultimate glow.

Regardless if it’s a single or palette format, Color Pop stole the show when it came to eyeshadows in 2017. Color Pop’s Super Shock Shadows feature a creamy, long-lasting formula giving you an amazing payoff that will turn any boring look into a glam look in an instant.

Liquid Eyeliner
For the perfect winged liner, you need a liner that’s rich in colour and smudge-proof. Stila not only makes one of the best liquid eyeliners with the finest tip for precision on the market but its liquid liners are 100%  cry proof. The Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner comes in a variety of colours from the traditional black to a cool white.

When it comes to head-turning lashes, we’ve only got eyes for L’Oreal’s Voluminous Lash Paradise. If the incredible price tag wasn’t enough to have us using it time and time again, the fact that one coat leaves us with ultra voluptuous volume and length certainly does. 

Inspirational Image:
Image courtesy of BeautyNesia

Product Info:
Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Liquefied Lipstick, $28, available at Sephora
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush, $32, available at Sephora
Physicians Formula Murumuru Butter Bronzer, $14.95,  available at Physicians Formula
Milani Strobelight Instant Glow Powder, $10, available at Milani Cosmetics
Color Pop Super Shock Shadow, $7, available at Color Pop
Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner, $29, available at Sephora
L’Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise, $11, available at Walmart


By: Junia Goncalves, Toronto, @travelcultureblog

Beauty Jobs – 5 Cruelty Free Brands to Know Now

Monday, January 8th, 2018

Beauty Nine to Five - Beauty Jobs in Canada

In today’s cosmetics landscape, brands don’t have to strive to work the best, but they also have to be the best for the environment and the consumers that use them. Which is why we’re so happy to see that more and more brands are banning animal testing before putting their products into the market, which is why we wanted to share five cool traditional brands that are shaking up the cruelty-free beauty industry.


Cruelty-free means: A product and its ingredients weren’t tested on animals. PETA has a list of companies and brands that pledge to never to sell in China since the requirement to sell cosmetics in this country requires that they are tested on animals in order to have their products available in the Chinese market. You can check the list here.


If you want to know if your favourite brand is cruelty-free, keep reading…

E.L.F Cosmetics
We got super excited when we found out that one of our favourite drugstore brands is cruelty-free. E.L.F has great and affordable makeup brushes, blushes and eye shadows, the best part, great quality for a small price. We love the baked Highlighter, as it’s the perfect way to get a serious glow during winter. 

Josie Maran
Created by a supermodel that was looking to create a cosmetic line that actually does some good, Josie Maran is a pioneer when comes to Argan Oil. She is not only the queen of incorporating Argan Oil into all of her products but her brand 100% against animal testing. Josie’s must try: Whipped Mud Mask – it’s a scent-free product that work for every skin type.

Charlotte Tilbury
In the high-end department, we have the amazing celebrity makeup artist that wanted your go-to brand to be both luxurious and good for the environment at the same time. Not to mention Charlotte is against using animals as test components.  Tilbury’s Magic Cream is the celebrity secret, but we believe that the Matte Revolution lipstick will steal your heart; it has a smooth application and is long-lasting.

Cake Beauty
This Toronto-based brand does a great job at being 100% cruelty-free and develops the most delicious scented creams. They are manufactured in Canada and UK and they have cute packaging. The everything balm will be your best friend during winter, is a life savour for your lips, skin, elbows and even lashes!

Yes To Tomatoes
This brand has a great mission of creating great products without compromising on ingredients. Not to mention the packaging is made of recycled material and like all the products on our list, this brand does not test on animals. It’s a natural line made with ingredients that we can actually pronounce (score!) and can be found in your kitchen. The detoxifying charcoal mud mask should be on your list of must-have items.


Did your favourite cosmetic brand make the list? Let us know in the comments below!


Inspirational Image:
Image courtesy of Spectrum Collections


Product Info:
E.L.F Highlighter available, $4, available at E.L.F Cosmetics
Josie Maran Whipped Mud Mask, $59, available at Sephora
Charlotte Tilbury Matte revolution lipstick, $39, available at Charlotte Tilbury
Cake Beauty Everything Balm, $11.20, available at Cake Beauty
Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Mud Mask, $19.77, available at Amazon


By: Junia Goncalves, Toronto, @travelcultureblog

Beauty Jobs – Holiday Winter Glitter

Thursday, December 28th, 2017

Beauty Nine to Five - Beauty Jobs in Canada

The holiday Season is the perfect excuse to wear glitter from day to night without people look at you like you’re crazy. All the glitterized products currently available can be a tad overwhelming, not to mention it’s hard to decide which part of your look to add some sparkle too. To help you add some sparkle to your beauty regiment this winter, we’ve rounded up our favourite glittery beauty items available right now.

For the Hair
Yes, we started our list with something a little less conventional. Our hair deserves to be the life of the party, and for that, IGK created the most fun hairspray to rock at all your winter parties. The Preparty Hair Strobing Glitter Spray will make your hair sparkle everywhere you go this winter, not to mention it will also come in handy this festival season.

For All Over
Loose glitter has never been more in than now! It’s a versatile product that you can use anywhere, from your eyes, shoulders, chest to your hair! Too Faced has created this limited edition glitter set, perfectly called ‘Tis season to sparkle will have you ready to sparkle everywhere you go.


For the Eyes
Bored with your predictable old black eyeliner? The holidays are the perfect time to try different liner looks. Winged liner always makes a basic makeup look stand out, so why not swap black for a sparkly colourful liner instead? NYX has an incredible lineup of glittery liners that are not only budget-friendly but also available in a wide variety of colours so you can make your winged liner everything but traditional.

For the Lips
We definitely couldn’t forget about the lips! We talked about glittery lipglosses in a previous post, but we didn’t fully explore how glitter lipstick could extend through the holidays. Amplify your lip game this winter by using Ciaté London’s Glitter Flip, which comes in a variety of colours from delicate pink to bold green.


For the Legs
If you’re planning on rocking an LBD this winter, your legs and arms deserve some love. Kopari is a cool, all natural brand that has this incredible coconut body glow that will not only hydrate your skin but also give it a much-needed glow during the dry winter months.



Inspirational Image
Image courtesy of Style Caster



Product Info:
IGK Preparty hair strobing glitter spray, $20, available at Sephora
Too Faced ‘Tis season to sparkle glitter set, $32, available at Sephora
Nyx Glam liner aqua luxe eyeliner, $7.50, available at NYX
Ciaté London Glitter flip, $23, available at Sephora
Kopari coconut body glow, $55,  available at Sephora



By: Junia Goncalves, Toronto, @travelcultureblog

Beauty Jobs – Last Minute Beauty Gift Guide

Friday, December 22nd, 2017

When it comes to gift giving, the gift of beauty is always a good idea. Especially during the holidays, when everyone’s skin can use a little extra TLC. This Christmas pamper your loved ones with these amazing beauty items that we’ve rounded up below.

RMS Beauty Luminizer X Quad Palette
We’re a huge fan of RMS Beauty, and once we saw this mini palette we know it would make such an amazing gift.  It comes with a quad of shimmering highlighters, each shade can be worn alone, blended together for a custom glow or mixed into any product for added luminosity.

Amopé Pedi Perfect Gift Set
Who doesn’t love a good pedicure, especially one that can be done at home! For under $60, this limited-edition gift set comes with Amopé’s Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File with Diamond Crystals, an extra coarse roller head (for pesky stubborn skin), coarse roller head (for hard skin), the soft touch roller head (for buffing feet), a roller cover, cosmetic bag, and batteries.

Hard Candy Advent Calendar
Whoever says you can’t get an advent calendar after Christmas has never checked out Hard Candy’s incredible beauty advent calendar. For less than $10, you get 12 various products, each surprisingly pigmented. It’s a great way to sample a number of the brand’s items.


Hard Candy’s All Lit Up
For the woman who has every beauty item under the sun, this kit gives her the best of all worlds as she can sample a number of products. This kit includes a contour kit, a blush kit, perfecting primer, eyeshadow primer, and a setting spray.

SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective Masque
Every beauty lover will appreciate a soothing facemask, especially during the holidays. This Phyto Corrective Masque helps reduce visual redness, discomfort, and heat – leaving you with healthy glowing skin.

Elizabeth Grant’s Beautiful Colour Lip Stain
Every woman needs a red lipstick for the holidays, especially a lip stain that will stay on through all the parties and cocktails. Elizabeth Grant’s Beautiful Colours Lip Stain is a semi-permanent lip stain containing pigments of colour that adhere to the lips for colour that lasts and lasts and lasts.

French Girl Body Oil Duo
Anyone that’s tried the French Girl line before understands how addicting these products are. That’s why we love this duo set, as it allows your favourite gals to sample two popular items: the Bronzing Oil and the shimmery Moonlight Oil.

Fenty Beauty Lip Stain
This gorgeous red colour is perfect for the holidays and leaves you with high-impact colour and low-maintenance long-wear, so you only need to apply it once for a big night out.


Inspiration Image
Image courtesy of Gemma Louise


Product Info
RMS Beauty Luminizer X Quad Palette, $48, available at Net-a-Porter
Amopé Pedi Perfect Gift Set, $60,  available at Walmart
Hard Candy Advent Calendar, $12, available at Walmart
Hard Candy All Lit Up  Kit, $19.97, available at Walmart
SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective Masque, $68, available at SkinCeuticals
Elizabeth Grant Lip Stain, $20, available at Elizabeth Grant
French Girl Body Oil Duo, $80, available at Goop
Fenty Beauty Lip Stain, $30, available at Sephora


By Ainsley Smith, Toronto, @ainsleysmithy