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Beauty Jobs – 5 Beauty Books for Beginners

Tuesday, September 26th, 2017

Beauty Jobs in Canada - Beauty Nine to Five

There’s no doubt that at some point in our lives, we were moved by an incredible book. Maybe you learned something you’ve remembered forever, were inspired by a touching story or were transported to a different world in those pages. In the internet age, physical books have been left aside as decorative pieces on our coffee tables, but the reality is, before YouTube, books were the fun and inspiring way to learn how to do that awesome smokey eye or that pretty fishtail braid.


To help get everyone back to the basics, we shared the best beauty books available to help you disconnect you from the digital world and bring you back to the amazing world of books. We hope that you not only learn new beauty trends, but you’ll be inspired to enjoy more moments outside the digital world.

Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual: For Everyone from Beginner to Pro
The first beauty book we wanted to share is a favorite of all beauty lovers from around the world. It’s full of great tips to help you perfect your basic looks and to master the fancy makeup applications you’ve been dying to try. Bobbi also shares tips for all skin types and ages, making this a must-have in your collection.

Michelle Phan – Make Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style, and Success-Online and off
If you’ve been in the beauty space for a while, there’s no way you’ve never heard about Michelle Phan. For those who don’t know her, she is one of the beauty tutorial veterans on YouTube and she definitely transfers that really well in her beautiful and well-designed book.  Michelle not only shares beauty looks and tips but also her amazing entrepreneurial journey.

Lauren Conrad Beauty
Another entrepreneur that we love is fashion and style icon, Lauren Conrad. Her beauty book is full of beautiful pictures and incredible step-by-step tutorials for beginners to help you find and define your beauty style. She also shares how to do her signature cat eye look, which is an added bonus.

In Style: Getting gorgeous: The step- by – step guide to your best hair, makeup and skin
Considering this book is from the editors of one of the most prominent magazines on the market, this beauty book is a must-have for all beauty lovers. Complete with plenty of insights, tips, and tricks to help you look your best on all occasions, this book explores the best beauty tips published in the magazine over the years.

Sephora: The ultimate guide to makeup, skin, and hair from the ultimate beauty authority It’s impossible to talk about the beauty industry without mentioning Sephora. What’s great about this book is that they mention various beauty products and brands in detail and share how to properly use some of the most popular products available. 

Do you have a favorite beauty book with awesome tips? Share it with us in the comments below!


Inspirational Image:
Image courtesy of Luxury Shopping Malls


Product Info:

Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual: For Everyone from Beginner to Pro, $27.86, available at Amazon
Make Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style, and Success– Online and Off, $21.86, available at Amazon
Lauren Conrad Beauty, $22.96 available at Amazon
In Style: Getting gorgeous, $26.59, available at Chapters Indigo
Sephora: The ultimate guide to makeup, skin, and hair from the ultimate beauty authority, $27.35 available at Chapters Indigo


By: Junia Goncalves, Toronto, @travelcultureblog


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Beauty Jobs – The Top Sunless Tan Options for Summer

Monday, June 26th, 2017

Whether it feels like it or not (looking at you, unpredictable Canadian weather) summer 2017 has officially touched down. BNTF is very well acquainted with the dangers of harmful UVA/UVB rays and advocates the practice of safe sun by using SPF daily. We have compiled a list of the best self-tanners ranging from luxury brands, drugstore steals, eco-friendly options, etc. to get you bronzed up literally overnight. Get your glow on without damaging your skin in the long run by reading on below!

Worth the Splurge

Start your summer off glowing the right way. Dior’s foolproof self-tanner is raved about online for good reason! The gel-based formula makes it easy to blend evenly over the entire body — it also intensifies gradually throughout the day. To keep up your skin’s newfound bronze radiance, apply two to three times throughout the week.

#1 Drugstore Self-Tanner

Beauty aficionado Paula Begoun is known for her science-backed skincare line Paula’s Choice. What isn’t as well-known is her amazingly affordable Sun 365 Self-Tanning Foam. For only $16 a pop, you can get your hands on this lightweight, odourless, self-tanner for use on the face and body.

Eco-Friendly? Yes, please!

Eco-babes rejoice! We found the perfect vegan, cruelty-free and certified organic self-tanner for you to try this summer. The Invisible Tan by Australian company ECO-Tan has received countless beauty awards throughout the years and is the go-to product for many conscious women and men around the world. The brand also carries before and after care products to extend your glow as long as possible.

Handy Dandy Towelettes

Don’t have patience for all the liquid foams, gels, sprays and mists on the market? These large (9 square inches!) towelettes are the perfect option for full body self-tan applications. Simply run the towelettes over clean dry, skin and allow the quick-drying formula to develop over the next eight hours. What truly makes TanTowel a winner is the fact that they’re travel-friendly!


No Time, No Problem

BNTF has discovered the best 15-minute “self-tanning” beauty hack for Summer 2017. Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs is essentially liquid pantyhose, it matches your skin tone and smoothes over your body’s complexion, covers veins, blemishes etc. all while being non-transferable and water resistant. By going a shade or two deeper than your actual skin tone you create an instant glow that will last all day long.

Tried and True

Let’s be real, is a self-tanner review legit if it doesn’t mention the iconic St. Tropez Self Tan? If you’re new to the world of self-tanning and are willing to spend a little more than you would at the drugstore look no further. A quick Google search will show you the thousands upon thousands of reviews on the St. Tropez line that promises non-orange, long lasting, summer ready bronze skin from head to toe.


Super Moisturized Glow

Jergens Natural Glow is a drugstore self-tanning line that’s been around for ages. They stepped up their game this summer with the release of their Wet Skin Self Tanning Moisturizer. As soon as you step out of the shower apply this gradual tanner all over body for a glow that lasts up to three days. Smooth, tan and touchable skin in just a few steps!


BONUS: Don’t get too messy

FYI sunless tanners can get pretty messy and stain your palms, knuckles and even under your fingernails. Keep it tidy by using this huge version of the Beauty Blender called the body.sponge. It has the same much-loved texture of the Beauty Blender but is large enough to efficiently cover large areas of your body.


Inspiration Image

Image courtesy of Our Good Adventure


Product Info:

  1. Dior Self Tanner Natural Glow, $51, available at The Bay
  2. Paula’s Choice 365 Self-Tanning Foam, $16
  3. Eco Tan Invisible Tan, $39.95, available at Organic Skin USA
  4. TanTowel Self-Tan Towelette Full Body Classic, $29, available at DermStore
  5. Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs, $14.88, available at Walmart
  6. St Tropez Tanning Essentials Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse, $42, available at Sephora
  7. Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer, $8.07, available on Amazon
  8. BeautyBlender body.blender, $37, available at Sephora


By: Taja Jarvis, Toronto, @TVJV

Hair Stylist Jobs – From the Beach to the Boardroom: Summer Hair Trends You Can Wear to Work

Wednesday, June 21st, 2017

Beauty Nine to Five - Beauty Jobs in Canada

For most of our fellow Beauty Nine to Fivers, summer is just another three-month time span on the calendar and not an actual vacay from the 9-5 grind. All the fun, beachy, effortless and (somewhat unkempt) hairstyles might just not cut it in a professional workplace. To balance the best of both worlds, we have compiled a list of eight hair trends that you can dare to wear to work. In order from least to most daring, read on for summer hair inspo, styling tips, and tricks!

Far From Basic Top Knot

When we think of summer hairstyles, two words immediately come to mind: Beach. Waves. You know the look that’s easily achievable with any salt-based texturizing spray? To take this look from the beach to your workplace, pull it together (literally!) by taking a section of hair from your crown and tying a sleek, mini top knot. Secure with bobby pins and you’re set.

Long Live The Lob

The lob (a long bob) is a breezy option for those not willing to commit to super short hair. Piecey, lengthy layers frame the face while the still being long enough for a ponytail. For extra sun-kissed vibes, selectively highlight sections of hair that fall around your eyes, temples, and mouth. This creates the effect that light is naturally being drawn to you.

Bang Bang Bang

Thinking of a super high, sleek ponytail in this humidity? Forget about it. Curly cuties, we have the perfect celeb style for you. Gather your hair at the very top of your head, pushing some of your hair forward. Gently pull a few wispy pieces from the back of your ponytail towards the front of your face, creating the illusion of bangs — the hair flowing over from your ponytail will hide everything. Once you’re done, you’re left with the perfect mix of carefree sophistication.

Tropical Tresses

Box braids 101: they’re a traditional hairstyle often used protectively for many women around the world. Attaching seashells or silver and gold beads and clamps throughout the length of your braids gives a distinctly tropical flair. We love the gold clamps pictures above to add a touch of island heat to any work setting.

Fresh Out The Pool Style

Ladies with straight hair: you know the way your hair looks when you climb out of the pool and it falls behind your ears? That’s what we’re going for! Blow dry damp hair with a firm boar bristle brush, directing strands towards the nape of your neck. Smooth over sections with a flat iron then backcomb the front to add volume. Pin sides of your hair discreetly behind your ears. Finally, spritz your entire head with a high-shine hairspray to complete the look.

Ariel, who?!

Aside from awesome pastel dye jobs, mermaid hair is also known for its extremely long flowing qualities. This summer hair trend is easy to try for a day or two — all you need are 40-inch hair extensions. If you can’t handle hair down to your ankles, opt for extensions that are noticeably longer than what you’re used to, around the 22-24 inch mark. This simple hack makes a stunning, glamorous difference without a permanent commitment!

Platinum Blonde Beauty

Hey, there risk taker! The striking trend of celebrities buzzing their hair and dying it platinum has been making serious waves. From Amber Rose who has donned the style for years, to the likes of Cara Delevingne, Katy Perry, Kristen Stewart and even Zoe Kravitz, a buzz cut makes a powerful statement while the bright platinum tone keeps it light and summery. If you’ve been thinking about going really short, this is the look to try (plus, it’ll grow out in a few weeks).

Millennial Pink Everything

Step up your casual Fridays at work with a millennial pink wig. We’re serious. Erase images of plastic, shiny costume wigs from your memory. 2017 wigs can be washed, bleached, curled, straightened, dyed, time and time again just like typical hair extensions. There are thousands of YouTube tutorials demonstrating where to purchase and how to wear wigs to make them look hyperreal.

This is our complete list of beach to boardroom hairstyles you can dare to try on your own this summer. Which style would you actually from this list? Which one are you skipping? Let us know in the comments below!

Inspiration image:

Image courtesy of Cool Chic Style Fashion

Product Info:

  1. Top Knot image courtesy of Harper Lange
  2. Lob image courtesy of ELLE
  3. Curly bangs image courtesy of Steal Her Style
  4. Box Braids with clamps courtesy of Prettie Major
  5. Wet, sleek hair image courtesy of Mane Addicts
  6. Extra long hair image courtesy of Stars Diary
  7. Platinum buzz cut image courtesy of Metro
  8. Millennial pink hair image courtesy of Buzzfeed

By: Taja Jarvis, Toronto, @TVJV

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Makeup Artist Jobs – What’s in My Makeup Bag With Beauty PR Guru Victoria Malloy

Thursday, April 13th, 2017


Victoria Inspirational Image 1

I am passionate about healthy living and that extends to my beauty regimen. In my line of work (I run a boutique PR firm working exclusively with natural beauty and grooming brands) I have had the great pleasure of working with some amazing natural beauty brands from across the globe. I have acquired a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the chemicals lurking in our beauty products and how our day-to-day beauty products can be easily replaced with clean alternatives. Just like we eat well – feeding our bodies nutrient-dense foods – the same care should be taken when it comes to our skin. There are amazing plant-based products out there to help you “green-ify” your make-up bag.

Here are some of my go-tos…

1. Vita Active Foundation

Fitglow Beauty Vita-Active Foundation

This has become a staple in my makeup arsenal. This is so much more than a foundation. It is skin nutrition that feeds the skin super foods and essential vitamins! This 98% organic foundation combines Vitamin C, Botanical Hyaluronic Acid, Seaweed Brighteners and Beta-Carotene to improve skin clarity, fight free radical damage and improve skin tone and smoothness. I love how well this foundation holds up throughout the day.

I have oily skin that tends to slowly break down my makeup throughout the day, but this one really holds up! Fitglow has designed this foundation to work with the skin’s changing pH so it stays put and looks great all day. I love how this feels on my skin. It doesn’t feel like I have a face full of makeup, nor does it look like I do. It gives me great coverage but feels nice and light. I like to apply it with my fingers with nice clean hands or with a beauty blender. Also works great applied with a foundation brush.

2. Pure Powder Foundation

Hynt Beauty Velluto Pure Powder Foundation

I have used different loose powders over the years, but as of late I’ve been really loving this one from Hynt Beauty.  Sometimes I use this on its own as a foundation or dust a light layer on top of my Fitglow foundation. Either way, this ultra-fine milled loose powder blended with organic extracts and oils creates a velvety smooth finish that I love. I like to tap a small amount of powder into the lid and swirl my brush around to load the brush evenly before applying.

3. Un-Coverup

RMS Beauty “Un” CoverUp Concealer

This is one of the best natural concealers I’ve used. The formulation is beautifully creamy and blends flawlessly.  It warms up with the skin and melts into the skin for a beautiful finish with great coverage. I like to gently pat a little bit under my eyes with my ring finger to brighten up the eyes as well as other areas that need a little bit of extra coverage. A little goes a long way!

4. Good lash

Fitglow Beauty Good Lash Mascara

I have tested out a lot of natural mascaras over the years and it took some time to find one that agreed with my eyes. Not only do I have sensitive eyes that have been known to get easily irritated by certain mascaras, but I also have long lashes that tend to transfer product to my lids and under-eye area. I needed to find one that was gentle but also formulated to stay put. My eyes found their match in Fitglow’s Good Lash Mascara. This is now a staple in my makeup bag.

5. Eyelash Curler

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

The Shu Uemura eyelash curler is an absolute essential in my makeup routine. It’s amazing what a difference a curl of lashes makes to complete your makeup look. I have used different brands over the years and they all generally achieve the same result for me, but this is the one you’ll find in my makeup bag right now. Again, because of my eye sensitivity, I like to keep it nice and clean by spraying it with a little alcohol and giving it a good wipe.

6. Lip stick

Suntegrity Lip C.P.R Sunscreen Lipstick

I’m a huge fan of products that do double-duty, in particular, lip products. These beautiful lipsticks from Suntegrity not only nourish your lips in rich, creamy colour but they keep the lips protected with broad spectrum SPF 30 without chemicals. I love how this lipstick glides on and keeps my lips feeling hydrated with organic jojoba oil, shea butter and cocoa butter. I have been wearing Solar Rose but I also love Sunburst Pink.

7. Too Faced Kabuki Brush

Too Faced Kabuki Brush

Brushes are another important part of my makeup routine, but I’m mindful of keeping brushes made with animal hair (and any product not committed to being cruelty-free for that matter) out of my makeup bag. This “Teddy Bear Hair” brush from Too Faced is great because it’s a) cruelty-free and b) it’s retractable, so it’s easy to keep it clean especially when on-the-go or traveling. I have also been enjoying the sculpting foundation brush from Juice Beauty, made with 100% taklon non-animal fibre.

To stay up to date with the rest of Victoria’s beauty favourites, make sure to follow her on Instagram.

Inspirational Images

Images courtesy of Victoria Mallory

Product Info:

  1. Vita-Active Foundation, $59, available at Fitglow Beauty
  2. Velluto Pure Power Foundation, $69, available at Hynt Beauty
  3. RMS Beauty “UN”Coverup, $45, available at Health Hut Boutique
  4. Good Lash, $28, available at Fitglow Beauty
  5. Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler, $28, available at Sephora
  6. Suntegrity – Lip C.P.R. – Sunscreen Lipstick, $39, available at Clementine Fields
  7. Too Faced Kabuki Brush, $40, available at Sephora

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Beauty Jobs – Q&A with Victoria DiPlacido, ELLE Canada

Monday, March 20th, 2017

beauty-nine-to-five - beauty jobs in Canada

1. VD - Black and white

If you’re anything like us, working as a Beauty Editor at an iconic publication is what career dreams are made out of. Victoria DiPlacido, associate beauty editor at ELLE Canada, gets to do just that out of the Toronto-based head office.

Beauty Nine to Five got the chance to chat with Victoria about her most memorable celebrity encounters, lessons learned on the job and even shares a few tips on landing an internship at the magazine. Read on for the interview below.

2. VD - Cara Develigne

BNTF: Your IG gives us a peek backstage at fashion shows, celebrity selfies, and exclusive media events. We know it’s not glam all the time but what are some other perks of being Elle Canada’s Associate Beauty Editor?

VD: It’s true we get to meet celebrities and models and model/celebrities, but I’m also a huge product innovation nerd and meeting with scientists and visionary hair and makeup artists are probably my favourite part of my job. I interviewed Cara Delevingne recently for a story about Rimmel’s Scandaleyes mascara (she was their spokesperson). She was cool and that experience was amazing, but I also got to grill their VP of Product Innovation on exactly what makes one mascara different from the next—it’s all about how the brush and the formula work together, you can read about it here—and I could have talked to him for hours.

3. VD - Charlotte TIllbury

BNTF: What has been your biggest lesson learned in your third year in this position?

VD: Well, work/life balance is always impressed upon me as being important. I still haven’t mastered it, and I don’t think keeping them entirely distinct is feasible when my work and life are so intertwined, but I’m trying to do better about disconnecting when I can.

BNTF: This industry can be competitive, what are your top five tips for hopefuls wanting to land an internship?

VD: Hmmm I think you really need to take the time to know the magazine or website you are applying for. How handles a story about, say, Urban Decay partnering with Basquiat’s estate for a new collection, is different than how another outlet would — and it’s also different from how we would handle it in print. You need to really think about what the title would look like, what references you would bring in, the types of images you would use and how it would be promoted on social media. That is to say, you have to be a strong writer and editor, first and foremost.

But don’t worry too much if you aren’t 100% there yet. Just showing you are willing to work hard and learn means a lot. I think back about what I did and didn’t know when I was an intern and laugh/cringe. Also, know that the job is a significant time commitment. If I’m sitting with Guido Palau in the lobby of Georges V talking about why so many women are afraid to take major hair risks or out at any daytime event (and especially in beauty, there are a lot of them), then I need to make up that time working later in the day. You really always need to be on.

BNTF: In terms of beauty, who is the “ELLE Girl”. If she was a celebrity or fictional character, who would she be and why?

VD: All our cover stars and women we feature in the magazine are ELLE women in one way or another. For beauty, that means so many things: someone with an interest in skincare and makeup beyond basic tutorials, a playful approach to their look, strength, smarts, and good humour. It could be so many people, but for this exercise, I’ll just say, Rihanna.

BNTF: Lastly, we need to know: what are the 2017 beauty trends you’ll actually be trying this year?

VD: Colour! Everyone needs to fill the contour palette-sized holes in their lives with blush. I’ve been doing a day-to-day appropriate version of draping, which is this crazy ‘80s trend that was all over the spring/summer 2017 runways where you aggressively sweep blush up over your cheekbones and temples. I’ll just put a little bit high up on my cheek (stay away from the center of your face, no one needs any more redness there) or wear it as an eyeshadow, which is a trick I stole from one of M.A.C’s senior makeup artists at their trend presentation last year.

Images courtesy of Victoria DiPlacido, @victoriadiplacido

Taja Jarvis, Toronto, @TVJV

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Beauty Jobs – How to Land an Internship in the Beauty Industry

Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

beauty-nine-to-five - beauty jobs in Canada

Inspiration Image

There’s no avoiding it. Internships are a mandatory part of most beauty careers, especially for PR, Social Media or Marketing positions. Brands want to know you can handle the demands of working in a fast-paced and highly-creative environment – it’s the best way to prove you’re a good fit that can deliver.

Erase thoughts of Starbucks runs, walking the boss’s dog and trips to Paris from your mind. A great internship is a mix of hard work, hands on experience and personal growth. Read on to learn how to land an internship in the beauty industry.

Perfect Your Resume

It’s the 21st century; the days of basic black and white, Times New Roman, 12pt font resumes are over. A quick Google search of “creative beauty resumes” will point you in the right direction and provide tons of makeover inspiration. Give your resume the makeover it needs so you can stand out from the crowd.

Search Wisely

Beauty companies, big and small, are constantly on the lookout for a helping hand. Scan job boards, the ‘Careers’ page on brand websites and social media platforms for any openings. Be prepared to send out a tailored resume dozens of times, eventually you’ll land that coveted interview!

Do Your Research

The key to standing out during your interview is knowing absolutely everything there is to know about the brand. This will help you decide what to wear, answer questions appropriately and which strengths and weaknesses to highlight. An intern is invaluable, know your worth and you’ll be starting on your first day in no time.

The Follow Up

You felt as if the interview went amazing, but almost a week has gone by and you still haven’t heard back from the company. You’re stressed because you don’t know what to do. Can you follow up without reeking of desperation or looking like a pest? Send a quick thank you note to the decision-maker. This way you can affirm to the hiring manager that you’re really interested in the opportunity and that you would bring a ton of value into the position. The bottom line is: Stay top of mind. This will help with the process.

Good luck! Are there any tips we missed in the internship process? Let us know in the comments below.

Inspiration image courtesy of Quiet Rev

Taja Jarvis, Toronto, @TVJV

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Beauty Jobs – Career Chat: Kristen Ma of Pure + Simple

Saturday, September 17th, 2016

beauty-nine-to-five - beauty jobs in canadakristen-ma

We recently had the opportunity to chat with Kristen Ma, the co-founder of Pure + Simple. Pure + Simple is a Canadian holistic spa chain and manufacturer of natural skincare and mineral makeup. Kristen has over ten years of experience as a certified esthetician, among working many other roles, making her the ultimate beauty professional and expert! We were lucky enough to have Kristen share her career advice with us and give us the details on succeeding in multiple roles in the industry. Plus, there’s some skincare talk + tips (which happens to be our favourite topic at the moment).

Beauty Nine to Five: What do you love most about working in the beauty industry?

Kristen Ma: I love that it’s an industry of immediate gratification. Within minutes I can have someone with better-shaped eye brows, decongested, extracted pores or an expression of relaxation wash over their faces. Sometimes its hard to feel like you’re making a difference in the world, but I get to see small differences and these small pleasures from people each day.

BNTF: What factors influenced you to consider a more holistic approach to beauty?

KM: I struggled with acne for years. Anyone who has had chronic acne knows how frustrating and hard on your self-esteem it is. When I cleared up my skin through natural beauty care and holistic health, I knew I needed to share this with others. In my book Beauty, Pure and Simple, I explain how to treat your skin by treating your body and health – empowerment through education is key to me.

BNTF: You co-founded Pure + Simple in the early stages of the green beauty approach. Now that more consumers are becoming aware of ingredient use in the cosmetic industry, do you believe natural/organic beauty will eventually become mainstream?

KM: I’m probably bias, but I think it already is. I know that the desire for natural products is already here.  The problem is that the transparency and genuinely from companies is not. Greenwashing as well as misrepresenting how natural products are is very prevalent today unfortunately.  However, I have faith that will also change.

BNTF: What’s a natural, green beauty myth you’d like to debunk?

KM: Using tea tree oil for acne. Don’t do it! Sure, I will recommend diluted tea tree oil for infection, but chronic acne is not about infection alone – there are deeper imbalances. Tea tree oil is intense and can be very harsh and inflaming for our skin. It kills me when people use straight tea tree oil. I would only use that for an obvious skin infection or fungus, even then it would depend on the skin type if I would use it straight.

BNTF: What’s your holy grail skincare product?

KM: I’m obsessed with our flawless foundation. It’s kind of like a mineral version of a BB cream. It melts into your skin and makes it look so even and dewy. I also really love mascara that tubes like the one by Blinc. I’m not careful at all and rub my eyes a lot, so it’s essential for me!

BNTF: Do you believe skincare is one-size-fits all? Or, is there a certain basis every routine should follow?

KM: Skincare is very individual. I do not find the one-size fits all approach works. That is probably why our Pure + Simple skincare line has over 100 products. And the more problematic your skin is, the more I think it is worth seeing a pro for advice.

BNTF: You’ve operated in many roles from being an esthetician, to co-founder of a skin and makeup line, an Ayurvedic practitioner, and a best-selling author! From your extensive experience in the industry, what tips do you have for beauty professionals who are looking to curate their own brand or expertly write about beauty topics?

KM: I think experience is a must. You really gain knowledge from treating skin over and over and seeing first-hand what works and what does not. If you only use your own skin or get your info from reading, you don’t understand skin deeply. I know not every beauty writer is an esthetician so I would say that either enlisting the help of someone who works with skin is a way around that – and I do think experimenting on yourself a lot helps. You won’t be able to see how other people’s skin vary but it’s a good way to get acquainted with skincare in a real way.

BNTF: What do you wish someone told you about the beauty industry before you pursued a career in it?

KM: Don’t get stressed about the small stuff, just focus on helping people. After a few years of working I was pretty burnt out because I thought every detail was important. I wouldn’t sleep because I was worried about this or that administrative thing. At the end of the day though, our success has been since our clients love what we do and they see results. When I realized this and focused on what I loved about the industry: connecting with people, everything was made better. If you’re going to be in beauty you need to care about people – you will work with their most intimate vulnerabilities. Focus on that and you’ll be fine.

BNTF: What is the best beauty advice you ever received?

KM: Don’t be afraid of oil. This changed my skin and my life. Before I was using all sorts of drying acne products and when I started nourishing my skin with natural oils and butters, it transformed my skin. I broke out so much less and was able to stabilize my skin – after that I explored my internal health for a long-lasting clear complexion.

BNTF: What does it take to build a successful spa chain like Pure + Simple?

KM: There are so many things but number one, the ability to make mistakes. By this I mean be okay with making mistakes. I’ve made tons. Sometimes you beat yourself up, you lament or cry, but at the end of the day if you can get back up and take it as a lesson in learning, you will be okay. I think so many of us (especially women) are so hard on ourselves. As entrepreneurs we strive for perfection. But give yourself a break and avoid the skin inflammation! Be gentle on yourself and make friends with failures along the way.

Image courtesy of Kristen Ma

By Savana Gray

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Beauty Jobs – Top Beauty Schools in Canada

Wednesday, April 13th, 2016

beauty-nine-to-five - beauty jobs

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 11.23.29 AM

Looking to get into the makeup industry?  Want to become an MUA, but don’t know where to start?  Beauty Nine to Five’s compiled a list of the top schools in the country to become certified.   

Blanche MacDonald, Vancouver

Established in 1960, Blanche MacDonald is one of the most acclaimed schools in the country.  It prides itself as being a leader in the industry, offering over 10 programs across 3 campuses ranging from studio to freelance makeup, fashion marketing to fashion design, nail studies to spa therapist and more.  There are over 1000 graduates each year, and over 80 award winning faculty members, who have an average of 10 years of teaching experience.

Tuition ranges from $4,200 to $16,000 depending on program.

John Casablanca’s Institute, Vancouver

Located in the Gastown district of Vancouver, John Casablanca’s Institute has been providing career-orientated training for over 30 years. JCI is a proud member of Education Quality Assurance, and they have been approved as a BC Education Destination of Choice. Their website boasts the numerous awards current and post-graduates have received in their respective industries in recent years. The school itself focuses on hair, makeup, fashion, and body spa programs. The makeup program offers courses in cinematography, bridal, and fashion makeup, during the 10 month comprehensive study.

Tuition costs $16,600 for the Makeup program.

College of Makeup Art & Design, Toronto

Formerly called Complexions, the College of Makeup Art & Design is an internationally recognized institute that offers 9 different diploma and certificate programs.  The diploma programs range from 13 weeks to 8 months, and are intensive and interactive.  They specialize in special effects makeup artistry, theatrical makeup, and fashion photographic makeup.  If you’re more experienced and are looking to top-up your skills, then they also offer certificate programs that range from 2 to 8 weeks.

Tuition ranges from about $9,300 to $17,100 for diploma programs.

SOMA The School of Makeup Art, Toronto

Founded almost 40 years ago, SOMA focuses on film and theatrical makeup artistry.  The professors are active in their respected fields, which allows students to develop invaluable skills and connections in the industry.  The school offers two diploma programs: a 3 month Makeup & Fashion Image Program, which focuses on the Foundations of Makeup, Makeup for Fashion, and Hairstyling; while the 6 month Extensive Makeup Design Program focuses on makeup artistry for film, including how to recreate tattoos, burns, and prosthetics, among many other special effects.

Tuition pricing available upon request

Glow Academy, Toronto, Mississauga, and Waterloo

Whether you are a complete beginner, or just want to enhance your skillset, Glow Academy is a perfect place to go.  With 9 makeup and hair certificate programs, which range from 6 to 30 studio hours, with practical (and sometimes written) exams at the end, Glow is as innovative as it is informative.  Glow helps students kick-start their careers, whether that be in retail, doing freelance work, or becoming an entrepreneur.

Pricing available upon request

Academy of Cosmetology, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

One of the best schools on the east coast, and winner of the Consumer Choice Award for Business Excellence in 2013 and 2014, The Academy was established in 1978 and is internationally recognized.  The part-time makeup artistry program requires 350 hours of course work, and focuses on the evolution of makeup, colour theory, building clientele, and more.  The Cosmetology program is more in-depth, requiring 1500 hours, and focuses on hairstyling and cutting, scientific understanding of chemicals and reactions, as well as entrepreneurial and salon management.

Tuition prices range from $5,400 to $10,800.

Image courtesy of John Casablanca’s Instagram

By: Katherine Lake, Toronto, @TheGreenBows

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Makeup Artist Jobs – Best Eye Serums

Thursday, March 24th, 2016

beauty-nine-to-five2016-03-23 17.59.51

The skin around your eyes is the thinnest of any place on your body.  So naturally, it’s the first to show signs of aging.  Premature aging occurs from rubbing or tugging at the eye area, excessive squinting, or prolonged sun exposure.  While eye serums are something that you should start using in your early twenties as a preventative measure, the following items are eye serums that will work for anyone.  Since you need only a small amount of product everyday, it’s better to splurge on a great product that will really deliver results. 


Under $60

The Origins Dr. Weil Mega-Mushroom eye serum is designed for sensitive skin, and reduces redness and irritation.  It also reduces puffiness and dark circles. 

Second is the Ren Keep Young and Beautiful serum.  It contains light reflective pigments to brighten the eye area, while also visibly lifting the area.  Used on a regular basis, it redefines the skin around the contours of the eye, to reduce sagging and lines.

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Under $100

Philosophy is known for there anti-aging products.  The Time in a Bottle eye serum “brightens, tightens, and smooths” the eye area, while promoting skin renewal through the use of antioxidants and vitamin C. 

Clarins now has an Extra-Firming Eye Wrinkle serum, which also reduces the appearance of fine lines, discolouration, and puffiness.  It leaves a bright, but still matte finish, so this option is great for the oily skinned girls (and guys) out there.

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Over $100

The Tatcha Luminous Deep Hydration Firming serum contains a slew of well know, and innovative ingredients to keep the eye area revitalized.  It contains Okinawa red algae, and Hadasei-3 (a trademarked concoction containing green tea, rice bran, and red algae).  It also comes with a dispenser that perfectly shapes the eye area.

Guerlain has a Gold Eyetech Eye Sculpt serum, and as you may have guessed by the name, is equipped with a 22-karat gold-tipped applicator for the perfect application.  The metal cools, and therefore de-puffs the eye area, while the ingredients work to penetrate the epidermis for long lasting, deeply penetrating anti-aging effects.

By: Katherine Lake, @TheGreenBows

Product Details:

1. Origins Dr. Weil For Origins™ Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Eye Serum, $56, available at Sephora

2. REN Keep Young And Beautiful™ Instant Brightening Beauty Shot Eye Lift, $56, available at Sephora

3.  Philosophy Time In A Bottle™ For Eyes, $72, available at Sephora

4. Clarins Extra-Firming Eye Wrinkle Smoothing Cream, $65, available at Sephora

5. Tatcha Luminous Deep Hydration Firming Eye Serum, $114, available at Sephora

6. Guerlain Abeille Royale Gold Eyetech Eye Sculpt Serum, $155, available at Sephora

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Beauty Jobs – Hair Volume

Thursday, March 17th, 2016

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I’m quite lucky in that I have normal to thick hair.  But that being said, having a bit of extra volume is always desirable.  There are so many voluminizing products on the market now, so finding something to work with your hair type is easier than ever.

Shampoos and Conditioners


Tresemme recently came out with a new range called Beauty-Full Volume.  The trick with this system is to apply the conditioner first, followed by shampoo.  This means that the conditioner won’t weight hair down.  Your hair will be touchably soft, and extra bouncy.


L’Oreal Fibralogy is my absolute favourite range.  It works to increase the thickness of the hair gradually over time.  So the more you use it, the thicker your hair will appear.  It leaves your hair feeling super soft and voluminized, without feeling heavy.  I find this to be the best option, especially if your hair is prone to falling flat when you have second-day hair.


Bumble and Bumble also have the Thickening range, which helps cleanse away any chemical buildup, while creating body and volume.  There is also the (newer) Full Potential range, that not only creates volume, but works to strengthen and prevent further breakage by up to 50%. 



Shampoos and conditioners not doing enough on their own?  Tresemme also has the Volume and Softness Hair Maximizer, which you apply to damn hair for extra hold and volume.  It’s a cream so there isn’t any of the crunchiness generally associated with thickening mousses.


L’Oreal Fibralogy also has a Thickening Booster on the market that you apply after shampoo, but before conditioner.  It can be used up to twice a week, and the very concentrated ingredient list works to penetrate individual hairs to allow for optimal expansion.


Lastly is the pièce de résistance.  It’s the most expensive item in this post, but I had a sample over Christmas and fell in love.  The Full Potential Hair Preserving Booster Spray by Bumble and Bumble can reduce hair loss up to 50%, while being a profession grade hair strengthener. 

Product Details:

1. Tresemme Beauty-Full Volume Shampoo and Conditioner, available at Shoppers Drug Mart

2. L’Oreal Fibralogy Shampoo and Conditioner, available at Shoppers Drug Mart

3. Bumble and Bumble Thickening Range, $29-31, available at Sephora

4. Bumble and Bumble Full Potential Range, $38-42, available at Sephora

5. Tresemme Volume and Softness Hair Maximizer, available at Shoppers Drug Mart

6. L’Oreal Fibralogy Thickening Booster, available at Shoppers Drug Mart

7. Bumble and Bumble Full Potential Hair Preserving Booster Spray, $70, available at Sephora

By: Katherine Lake, @TheGreenBows