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Esthetician Jobs – Anne Hathaway

Friday, August 23rd, 2013

rsz_anne-hathaway-makeup-2013-met-ballsmashbox Say what you want about Anne Hathaway’s latest cropped blonde ‘do, but she’s been nailing some pretty trendy eye makeup that’s enough to make me forgive her for it. We can all take a cue from Anne on how to incorporate some colour into our upcoming fall makeup routine. By using the Smashbox, Fade to Black Photo Shop Eye Palette, ($42, available at Sephora.) start with the lightest shade on the inner corner to highlight and brighten and gradually fade to the darkest in the outer corner to contour and deepen the shades for the perfect night-time smoky eye with the right amount of colour. The range of finishes from matte to shimmer in this palette makes these shadows seriously versatile. If there’s one new palette to invest in this season, keep your makeup bag on trend with a variation purples.

By: Melanie Kerr, Managing Editor, Toronto, 

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Ottawa Beauty Jobs – The Right Lip Colour for Your Complexion

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

Choosing the right lip colour can be the difference between adding the perfect finish to your summer look and…simply just not looking right! Finding the colours that best suit your skin complexion and undertone is the key to finding your perfect lip colour match. This article will put an end to your confusion with endless palettes of lip colour by helping you choose the right ones!

How do you find out what your skin undertone is? Usually, a good way to determine is by the colour of the veins on your wrist. There are two basic skin undertones- cool and warm. If the veins on your wrist appear to be a blue, you have blue undertones, meaning you have a cool undertone. On the other hand, if your veins appear more of a green, that means you have yellow undertones, therefore you have a warm skin undertone.

Skin Complexion – As a general rule, the lighter your skin, the brighter you can go with your lipstick. Darker skinned beauties usually have an easier time rocking deeper shades, just as lighter skinned ladies can get away with brighter shades more easily.

Warm Under Tones

Light complexion – Emma Stone (image courtesy of Glamour)

If you have a light skin complexion and warm undertones like Emma Stone, corals look great on you. Bright coral shades or brick reds are the right colours for you!

Medium complexion – Jessica Alba (image courtesy of StyleBistro)

If you have olive skin or a medium dark complexion and a warm undertone like Jessica Alba, you are lucky because you can wear most colours and pull them off! Warm shades of red like champagne, beiges and browns look best on you.

Dark complexion – Beyonce (image courtesy of Glamour)

A dark complexion like Beyonce’s, with a warm undertone looks best with deeper browns and deeper reds like champagne.

Cool Under Tones

Light – Anne Hathaway (image courtesy of

A light complexion like Anne Hathaway’s paired with cool undertones always looks best in bright cool pinks and bright purples.

Medium – Megan Fox (image courtesy of

A complexion like Megan Fox’s, which is tanned with cool undertones, is best in berry reds like cranberry, plum or blue based reds.

Dark – Oprah Winfrey (image courtesy of StyleBistro)

A darker complexion with cool undertones like Oprah Winfrey’s is perfect with deep purples, rose, fig, dark cherry and dark jam shades. Even a swipe of sheer or cool pink lip gloss works well for this complexion!

Which shade best suits you this summer?

By: Nakshi, Toronto

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Beauty Jobs – 5 Ways To Transition Your Hair Into Spring 2013

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

No more rushed mornings, endless excuses and tear-filled monologues about the hate for your ‘boring’ hair. This season, spring forward and take action by taking your hair to new heights.

Something I’ve noticed when it comes to most women and their hair is a defeatist attitude followed by the over-used line worthy of a Sh*t Girls Say meme, “What should I do with my hair?”
Because of this, I knew it was time to put out an array of options for Spring on a larger scale so that question would become a distant memory.

The Red Carpet Pixie 


For the daring-diva looking to break the mold of her dull hair habits, take a chance and experiment with the quirky hairstyle every celebrity seems to be trying at least once. The cropped pixie cut, which is being sported by a bevy of A-list talent (i.e.: Anne Hathaway, Rihanna, Lena Dunham, Karlie Kloss, Halle Berry) is easy to maintain, refreshing and a bold statement to make come this Spring (especially if your hair is fine and/or already shorter than your jawline.)
Too afraid to take the leap? Then try faux-rocking the look for a night by pinning your hair up like the models at Cacharel 2013.


Caution: Keep in mind that this style is best suited for straight hair types and if you weren’t born with Bambi lashes and Jolie-lips, you will likely need to counter this androgynous look with a little extra makeup and/or jewelry.




Practical Magic 

For the curly-haired girl who can’t imagine finding the time [or willpower] to straighten her long hair, don’t carry the weight of the world on your shoulders (yes, even if it took you forever to grow it so long.) Ask your hair professional to give you a shoulder-length layered cut so it’s simple for you to blow-dry and style for those long Spring nights and also has body for when you want to go au natural. If you’re in a rush then just wrap your strands around a medium-barrel curling iron and tousle for an effortless look like the one’s worn by Alexa Chung, AnnaLynne McCord and Kerry Washington.


Caution: Never over thin-out curly hair and beware of amateur scissor-happy stylists that’ll take you from lively girl-next-door to puffy poodle. Consult a professional who specializes in curly hair.



For the modern-day Rapunzel who would rather go naked than give up her long mane, try changing up the shape for a wow-factor that will completely revitalize your look. Steer clear of a drab Morticia Addams appearance by taking your length up to mid-chest area with face-framing layers beginning at your collarbone (which will actually make your hair look longer) For like Amanda Seyfried. For added dimension, have your colour technician insert highlights (2-3 levels lighter than your natural hair colour) à la Gisele Bündchen. For a current twist on classic highlights, have them done in an Ombré-fashion concentrating only on the ends of your hair for that I-just-walked-the-Victoria’s-Secret-runway look interpreted beautifully by Jessica Alba.


Caution: When adding highlights, ask your colourist to use thin sections using the foil balayage-technique staying a minimum of 3-5 inches away from the roots to keep from looking like a member of ‘N Sync.



Fringe Binge 


For the girl looking to spice up her style rut…when in doubt, bang it out! Take a note from style-setters like Jessica Biel, Zooey Deschanel and Taylor Swift and try some bangs on this spring. The versatile hairdo (recently adopted by First Lady Michelle Obama and Kim Kardashian) not only suits most hair types and caters to an array of face-shapes but also compliments any personal style from preppy to punk-rock. It will give you an instant cool-factor and come in handy when you want to wear a ponytail or topknot for the day.


Caution: Certain bangs flatter certain faces: Oval Shapes can wear any style including blunt-straight, Round & Heart-Shaped are best with side-swept and Square shaped should go with a long and layered fringe. Also, if you have a hair cowlick on the front perimeter of your forehead, this style is sadly not for you.



Crayola Nights


For the Damsel in Distress frantically demanding an answer to her riddle of, ‘I wanna change my hair but I don’t want to cut or dye it…’ There just may be a solution… In honour of one of Springs hottest trends, treat yourself to some candy coloured clip-in extensions! Now for the skeptics out there, let me stop you mid-eye roll, this fun and easy to-do style is a great way to change up your hair routine for a night without having to sacrifice the health of your hair or fully commit to a drastic change. Challenge yourself to pull off the Azealia Banks-inspired coif by inserting rainbow pieces in no specific order like the models at Peter Som Spring 2013 or dress down a stuffy updo like the girls at Oscar de la Renta Spring 2013.


Caution: To keep this hair trend looking more Sassoon than skater girl, pair the style with chic neutral-coloured ensembles and minimal eye makeup.

By: Jonathan Panetta, Toronto

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Makeup Artist Jobs – Top Beauty Moments at the 2013 Academy Awards

Monday, February 25th, 2013

Jessica Chastain’s Old Hollywood Glamour

The Best Actress nominee opted to keep her look classic and timeless — and what’s more classic than liquid liner and red lips? Her hair fell down her back in shiny, sleek waves that perfectly complimented her strapless dress.

Charlize Theron’s Unexpected Pixie

Charlize Theron showed up to the Oscars with a shocking look — a pixie cut! The actress revealed that she cut it for a role and was working with 3 months of regrowth. The short cut was complimented by her simple, neutral makeup.

Amanda Seyfried’s Metallic Purple Smoky Eye

Working with the metallic eyeshadow trend, Amanda Seyfried went matchy-matchy with her eyes and her dress and it actually worked. She paired the striking eye-makeup with an undone updo, which was another trend on this year’s Oscar red carpet.

Amy Adams’s Undone Updo

The actresses who weren’t rocking sleek Old Hollywood waves were finding beauty in imperfection with undone, wispy updos. Amy Adams’s stylist worked with her natural, straight hair and twisted it into a messy chingnon with face-framing loose pieces.

Anne Hathaway’s Pale Pink Lips

The Best Actress winner let her shaggy pixie be the main attraction by keeping her makeup simple. She paired thick lashes with a beautiful rosy-pink coloured lip.

By: Stefanie Jesney, Vancouver

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Calgary Beauty Jobs – Celebrity Hair Transformations

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

Celebrities change up their hair all the time for movie roles, new projects or just for fun and though making a drastic hair change can be scary, thank goodness we don’t have to do it under the eyes of paparazzi and gossip magazines. We have counted down the best (and one we’re not quite sure of yet!) recent celebrity hair transformations for a little inspiration toward your next salon visit.

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway is one of those actresses that could get away with almost any type of hairstyle and still look like a classic beauty, however there is something about this short pixie cut that gives her an eternally chic Audrey Hepburn vibe. The new ‘do is for her role as Fantine in the new film adaptation of Les Miserables which is set to release later this year, and we hope that Anne keeps this cropped cut around – the minimal effort but super glam 60’s vibe is enough to make us long-haired girls envious!

 (Photo: JustJared, Celebitchy) 

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga definitely isn’t one for subtle hair trends and so she took us by surprise when she dyed her platinum blonde locks a rich, more classic chocolate brown colour which she likes to call ‘Louis Vuitton Brown’. Gaga tweeted, “Definitely feeling less blond lately and little more progressive brunette…” We give the shade two thumbs up but let’s just hope she doesn’t pair it with any meat ensembles.

(Photo: Posh24, Stylelite)


Like most musicians, Rihanna changes her appearances very often – she shocked us all with the Tina Turner inspired dark roots and blonde wavy locks at The Grammys. Fortunately, we breathed a sigh of relief when she walked the VMA’s red carpet with a short pixie cut, a style she’s had in the past. Rihanna looks so beautiful with short hair, her high cheekbones and feminine features allow her to pull it off effortlessly. With her long white gown and red lips she was truly an old Hollywood vision.

(Photo: BellaSugar, Glamour)

Miley Cyrus

We give Miley Cyrus credit for being completely fearless with her hair. There’s no way I would ever allow a razor and platinum blonde colour anywhere near my head! Her Robyn-esque cut was done by Chris McMillian (yes, he created ‘the Rachel!’) With Miley working on a new album we expect to be hearing a much harder and mature sound – nothing reminiscent of her sweet Disney days – to match her new look. Whether you love it or hate it, we applaud Miley for being such a beauty risk-taker!

(Photo: People StyleWatch, Zimbia)

By: Melanie Kerr, Toronto

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