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The corporate side of the beauty industry can be a little confusing for BNTFers, as who knows exactly how balance staying on top of trends while looking professional. Good news: notions of which makeup looks and hairstyles are “acceptable” in a workplace have drastically changed over the years. Rules really are meant to be broken!


In this day and age, bold makeup does not equal unprofessional, glitter is not only for a night on the town and you can make falsies work, at work! Keep reading to see which office beauty rules you need to break right now so you can look glam nine to five.

Rule #1 – Don’t wear fake lashes to work

Oversized, dramatic falsies may have a bad rep of being too glam for daytime, especially in an office, which means if you want to rock the false lash look, focus on finding a pair that blend seamlessly into your lash line. The Demi Wispies by Ardell is famous for their nearly invisible lash band. Apply precisely with tweezers and a thin layer of clear lash glue for an undetectable enhancement.


Rule #2 – Maintain short, french manicured or plain nails

In other words, boring. We’re not suggesting you march into your nearest nail salon and ask for the longest acrylic set with the most ornate nail art of all time (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Instead, get inspired! The hashtag #nailgasm is nearly at 1,000,000 hits on Instagram and is packed full of designs ranging from subtle to seriously WOW.


Rule #3 – Keep hair sleek and styled

PSA: Straight, sleek hair is not the epitome of professionalism. Why fry non-naturally straight strands with styling tools? Whether you have loose waves, tight curls or textured kinks, Shea Moisture is a renowned hair care brand that caters to a wide range of hair types. For products with light hold and definition check out their Organic Coconut and Hibiscus collection.


Rule #4 – Avoid dark makeup shades 

A full-blown smokey eye, burgundy lip and deep plum cheek may be too much for a meeting or presentation at a typical 9-5. However, a perk of working in the beauty industry is that you no longer have to shy away from deeper tones in your day makeup. Focus on one element of your face (eyes, lips or cheeks) and enjoy your vampy look all day long.

Rule #5 – Scent-free work environment

Perfume is a tough one since it’s so important to respect the personal space of your coworkers, including their airways. If you happen to work in an open, well-ventilated space or have a reasonable amount of room around you, a spritz of your favourite scent shouldn’t be a problem. Roses de Chloé is a crowd pleaser that smells irresistibly of sweet, freshly cut roses.


Rule #6 – Neon = No No

Take notes from the runway when you’re in a neon mood. First, colour correct the skin’s base while keeping the finish ultra dewy. Then add dimension back to the face by using a matte neutral-toned contour. Lastly, apply a matte neon pink, purple or orange liquid lipstick. Big impact in three simple steps!



Rule #7 – Save the glitter for the weekend

Glimmer, shimmer and shine Monday through Friday. We admit a hot pink glitter cut crease might be pushing it, but just like the dark eye makeup rule, glitter concentrated to one area of the face can be done. Line lower lids with a sparkle-infused liquid liner for a work-appropriate pop of colour.


Rule #8 – You really can’t win

We’ve been thinking: is wearing absolutely no makeup to work seen equally as “unprofessional” as donning a full nighttime glam look? As crazy as it may seem, a fresh face is often taken as not put together or worse, just rolled out of bed! If you’re not heavily into makeup, a no makeup makeup look is just what you need.


Which other outdated office makeup rules should we break? Let us know in the comments below!


Inspiration image courtesy of Glamour


Product Info:

  1. Ardell Lashes Demi Wisipies in Black, $9.99, available at Trade Secrets
  1. Nail art inspiration courtesy of Nail Scope
  1. Shea Moisture Organic Coconut and Hibiscus collection, $7.99 – $32.97
  1. Smokey eye inspiration courtesy of Who What Wear
  1. Roses de Chloé Eau de Parfum, $128 – $165, available at Nordstrom
  1. Neon lip inspiration courtesy of The Fashion Spot
  1. Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in Midnight Cowboy, $23, available at Sephora
  1. No Makeup Makeup Tutorial by Elenna Perchele


By: Taja Jarvis, Toronto, @TVJV

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