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Beauty Nine To Five was lucky enough to chat with Canada’s very own on-air Beauty Expert Bahar Niramwalla! If you haven’t already seen her gracing your television screen hosting beauty segments for The Morning Show and CityLine, you’ve most definitely read her articles for Chrome Magazine. With 10 years of experience in the beauty industry, Bahar has earned a reputation as the go-to beauty know-it-all!

Take a peek at our interview which dishes on her career moves, tips for beauty industry hopefuls and even shares some of her fave Canadian brands!

BNTF: Your passion for all things beauty speaks for itself — what initially sparked your interest in makeup, skincare, and fragrance?

BN: The usual, watching my mom in the mirror, admiring how she paid attention to little details of the process for getting ready… even her regimen and steps in the whole “beautification” process.

BNTF: As the appointed Grooming Editor of Chrome Magazine, a luxury men’s publication, do you find that men and women have drastically different beauty needs?

BN: Not to speak down to the male sex, but, it’s a lot easier to speak to the majority of ladies looking for beauty solutions about detailed ingredient discussions, multi-step programs and minute details. Whereas the majority of men want an easy, quick, no fuss solution to all their problems — I am convinced 2in1 shampoo was a male invention for men.

Most of this does indeed speak to the fact that their “needs” are different. Women tend to find very small, specific issues and have many of them to deal with whereas men look at the grooming and beauty aspect as an overall picture and therefore see the solution as being the same overall thing to cure all their needs. The one universal need, however, is skincare, and it’s great to see both brands and their consumers responding positively to this necessary item.

BNTF: What are three ways someone obsessed with beauty can establish themselves as an authority in this field in the ways that you have?

BN: The three easiest avenues to stand out in this industry are rather simple: Be real, be honest and be yourself. There is nothing more refreshing (or marketable) than being real nowadays. That is why reality media has exploded. People want real life to unfold before them and, in this industry which can be full of “fake”, it’s always nice to see/hear someone who is being real.

Honesty seems obvious, but it’s often overlooked in communication within the industry, perhaps because the truth is often harder to swallow. And, it almost goes without saying: be yourself. You are the only YOU out there – no one can be you so it pays off tenfold to represent yourself in all your glory vs. trying to mimic a celebrity or a reality TV star. I think this also goes for your look and style, too. It’s great to have some inspiration from social media/online/TV, but be sure you’re repping’ you, at the end of the day.

BNTF: From The Morning Show to CityLine, you’re practically on-air 24/7! How can we create a camera-ready look that lasts?

BN: Skincare first, as it is the foundation (not the colour coverage kind) that sets the stage for a great on-air look. I adore the Omorovicza line of skincare products for both their sensorial aspect but also how they leave my face a perfect canvas for makeup. Next, figure out where you need foundation and concealer and apply accordingly instead of everywhere.

Strategic makeup is always better than a lot of makeup. Try using a matte bronzer as a contour instead of heavy, cakey colours and always fill in your brows. Make sure you slightly overdo your blush colour, as studio lighting can wash you out. Lastly, use a facial mist or makeup setting spray to keep everything in place!

BNTF: Brands have become increasingly creative and stepped up their product launch game in recent years. What’s the most memorable PR package you’ve ever received?

BN: The most recent was a personalized package filled with items selected based on a questionnaire. It was colour coded, had my name on items, came with some great scents and then also tied in SO well into the actual product offerings, I was left slack-jawed. Personal is always best in my books.

BNTF: Lastly, as we’re sure you know, Canadian brands are making huge waves in the beauty industry right now. Which ones have caught your eye and why?

BN: I have SO many!

  • Consonant Skincare – Hands down, the Hydrextreme is a game changer (and an award winner!)
  • Cake beauty – They are truly kicking a** in the hair styling game right now.
  • Vasanti Cosmetics – Their powder highlighters and gel formula lip colours are to die for!
  • Stellar Beauty – loving this more-inclusive shade range offering for your diverse nation!
  • Bite Beauty – If you don’t know, you need a bite lipstick/pencil/gloss/lip mask in your life.
  • Nudestix – Overall, so simple and easy to use, these (very young) entrepreneurs have created a great collection of eye, lip and cheek sticks that I can’t travel without.

P.S. You can follow Bahar on social media and follow her along her beauty journey: @BaharNiramwalla!

All Images Courtesy of Bahar Niramwalla

By: Taja Jarvis, Toronto, @TVJV

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