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Why is travelling via plane always made out to appear super glamorous, when in reality it’s everything but? Well, unless you’re Bella Hadid than flying is a whole other story. If you’ve ever flown before, you’re probably well acquainted with the arctic cabin temps, standing in long TSA lines and being slightly cramped for hours while 35,000 plus feet in the air.

To ensure you can step off the plane feeling fresh and ready to take on the new city you’ve just landed in, Beauty Nine To Five has compiled 10 airplane beauty hacks that you need to try ASAP. Covering skin, hair and body, we’ll make sure you’re good to go straight off the airport runway. Read on below!

Get Your Beauty Rest (Literally!)

On a long flight? Overnight? Even better! Our #1 tip for long haul flights is a rich under eye serum paired with a light-cancelling sleep mask. Slather on an under eye serum with skin-saving ingredients like ferulic acid and retinol. Then, slip on your mask. You’ll never have to worry about waking up to puffy or dry eyes again.

Bye Bye Bacteria

Planes can be a breeding ground for germs *cringe*. We all know hand sanitizers can kill up to 99.9% of bacteria due to its high alcohol content but what about the extremely drying effect this has on your hands? The beautifully packaged hand sanitizing lotions from Renouve are 95% natural and contain vitamin e, aloe and chamomile to nourish and protect.

The Golden Rule of Travel

Note to self: all sunscreen rules still apply even though you’re technically “inside” a plane. Daytime travellers need to remember that airplane windows don’t block against UVA or burning UVB rays. Those sitting in window seats need to apply a nickel-sized amount of sunblock every two hours for optimal protection.

Avoid the Red Eye

We’re positive there’s an amazing one-liner involving dry, red eyes and catching a red eye flight somewhere on the Internet. But for now, all you need to know is that planes recycle air which causes irritated red eyes. If this is something you’re prone to, keep a bottle of TSA-approved eye drops handy.

Zoom In x10

This tip is key if you have a fear of public washrooms. Compact magnifying mirrors allow you to do everything beauty-related from your seat while avoiding the questionable airplane washroom. Go for the classic M.A.C Duo-Image Compact Mirror that comes in M.A.C’s signature sleek packaging.

Universal Skin Saviour

Products that can do everything are an airplane beauty hack in themselves. Glossier, the latest beauty brand to amass a social media cult following, carries a universal skin salve named “Balm Dotcom”. The original formula can be used on lips, hands, thirsty elbows and knees and everywhere else!

Hydrate on the Sly

For some of us, wearing a full face mask in public just isn’t going to happen. A less conspicuous way to keep skin’s moisture from completely depleting are under eye masks. Simply place sheets on under eyes for a hydrating boost, but before you toss them, swipe the excess serum over your entire face. This way you’ll get super hydrated skin without the awkward stares.

Effortless Overnight Hair

Be proactive and use the time you spend sleeping on the plane to get perfect tousled tresses. Before your flight, saturate “almost dry” hair with a medium hold shaping mousse. Braid your hair in two tight braids for a crimped look or looser braids for flowing waves. Once you’re aboard the plane, tie your hair up with a silk scarf and wake up to perfectly styled hair with barely any effort on your end.

Freshen Up

No matter how much we would love to, taking a shower mid-flight is not an option. If you feel the need to freshen up before landing use a no rinse body wipe that removes oils and odour while imparting a thin veil of moisturizing aloe vera onto skin. Use everywhere you feel could use a fresh boost!

Mini Makeup Bag

Makeup can clog your pores if kept on the entire flight. Instead, wait ten minutes before the plane lands to reach for travel-sized makeup necessities and apply sparingly. Choose kits that include a primer, tinted moisturizer/pressed powder as well as brow, cheek and lip products. Or, pack a homemade kit of your personal faves.

Which airplane beauty hack are you most likely to actually add to your travel routine? Leave it in the comments below!

Inspiration image courtesy of Vogue

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By: Taja Jarvis, Toronto, @TVJV

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