Makeup Artist Jobs – How to Start Freelancing in the Beauty Industry

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Name a single beauty professional out there who doesn’t want to be their own boss. Impossible! Historically, beauty jobs have been freelance positions that allow maximum amounts of creative freedom for nail techs, hair stylists, MUAs and even beauty writers at magazines. Although nothing is ever as glam as it seems, successfully going freelance is the ultimate goal for many pros in the industry. Read on to learn how to start freelancing in the beauty industry.

Talent is Required

Perfect your craft. Before you charge clients for a service, make sure you have the education, skills, talent, and in some cases, valid certification to back it up. Be confident in your own abilities if you want potential employers to be confident in your work.

Do the Groundwork

Volunteer your time and talent. Reaching out to reputable brands/hair salons/fashion shows/magazines (you get the idea) and offering your services for free or at a lowered cost is the best way to build a strong portfolio. Whether paid or unpaid, experience is an invaluable asset that builds your body of work, professional reputation and most importantly, connections! By doing the groundwork, future clients will recognize your name and want to work with you again.

Define Your Presence

Brand yourself. As your connections start to build, make sure your online presence truly reflects who you are as an industry professional. Post your work to a personal website or portfolio and keep all social media profiles public and consistent – you may even want to create separate pages for your brand. Word of mouth is everything!

While it’s important to always work hard, it’s even more crucial to have patience. It can take years for beauty pros to garner consistent work and finally be able to freelance full-time. But as long as you follow the steps listed above you should be well on your way to living out your freelance dreams in the beauty industry!

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By: Taja Jarvis, Toronto, @TVJV

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