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The beauty gods over at Milk Makeup heard your prayers and it’s finally possible to buy their highly covetable products at Sephora Canada online and in stores starting March 15th.

From a primer that minimizes pores by 68% to a felt tip lip marker, the super popular brand makes products that are cruelty-free and easy to use. Not to mention, their cool minimalistic packaging, multi-use portability, and innovative formulations make them hard to pass up. The brand — which sprung out of fashion hub Milk Studios in NYC and LA — is all about embracing diversity, inclusivity, and uniqueness; very fitting for 2017 and beyond.

Below you’ll find some of the products that we can’t wait to get our hands on north of the border.

1.Holographic Stick

Holographic Stick

One of the newer products for the line, this futuristic lavender-hued highlighter will take your glow to another level. Formulated with mango butter and avocado oil, the multi-use stick can be applied to cheekbones, eyes or lips and is suitable for every skin tone. It’s hydrating, prismatic, and melts into your skin for a flawless finish — everything you’ve ever wanted in a highlighter and more.  

2. Blush Oil

Blush Oil

A cheek colour that easily rolls on and plumps the skin? Sign us up! This innovative rollerball blush pen is infused with four different types of oil and gives a sheer watercolour effect, which is perfect for those who tend to unintentionally overdo it with powder blush.

3. Shadow Quad

Shadow Quad

When the texture of an eyeshadow is referred to as “marshmallow cream”, you know you’re in for a treat. Another new product, the eye palette quads offer both buildable natural and smoky colours so you can create a look for day or night (the quads are aptly named Day Goals and Night Goals).

4.Cooling Water

Cooling Water

What do you call a gel stick that simultaneously soothes and tightens skin with seawater and caffeine, depuffs the under eye area, and also primes the skin? Bliss in a stick, that’s what. But in all seriousness, Milk’s unique Cooling Water does all of that and more. It boosts moisture, restores glow, and energizes the skin.

5. Ubame Mascara

Ubame Mascara

Milk has made use of the trendy ingredient charcoal in their formulation for mascara, and for good reason. The ubame oak charcoal gives dense colour and a creamy texture to the mascara, making it easy on the eyes (pun intended). The cherry on top of the triple ball brush? Sapphire dust, which adds dimension and depth of colour.  

6. Natural Dry Shampoo

Natural Dry Shampoo

There are many dry shampoos on the beauty market these days, but few are made with natural rice starch and scented with white tea. This aerosol version absorbs excess oil and adds texture — because sometimes washing your hair the traditional way just isn’t in the cards.

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Product Info

  1. Milk Makeup Holographic Stick, $34, available at Sephora
  2. Milk Makeup Blush Oil, $31, available at Sephora
  3. Milk Makeup Shadow Quad, $43, available at Sephora
  4. Milk Makeup Cooling Water, $29, available at Sephora
  5. Milk Makeup Ubame Mascara, $29, available at Sephora
  6. Milk Makeup Natural Dry Shampoo, $17, available at Sephora

By: Kelly McLeod, Toronto, @KellyMcleod7

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