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If you’ve ever experienced the 7AM rush to get dressed, style your hair, and apply makeup then you need to read this – these 10 products will help calm your early AM panic attacks!

Gel Eyeliner: If you’ve ever used liquid eyeliner than chances are you know it can take some time to dry. If you’ve ever used pencil eyeliner then you know it can smudge. Kick both of those problems to the curb by using a Gel Eyeliner. Gel Eyeliners dry quickly and apply easily with an angle eyeliner brush, perfect for when you need a beauty fix on the quick! 

Hair Donut: Six out of seven days I wake up with totally wild hair and the only way I can really remedy this issue quickly is by throwing my hair up in a top-knot! I’ve always loved really sleek ballerina-esque buns and I achieve the look by using a hair donut. Wild hair problem = officially solved! 

Powder Highlighter:  Highlighters are a girl’s best friend; not only do they brighten up cheekbones and collarbones, they also dupe beautifully as an eye-shadow for your brow bone and inner eye corners – who knew one product could solve so much?

BB Cream: Rather than messing with concealer, foundations, setting powder and sprays, just use a BB cream instead! They provide light coverage and they also often provide sun protection! 

Mineral Veil: If you have oil-prone skin, invest in a mineral veil! This will help eliminate shine. 

Tinted lip Balm: Add a pop of colour to your look with a low maintenance tinted lip balm. It’ll moisturize your lips while also adding a pretty flush of colour to your look. 

Hair Spray: If you have fly-away hairs you may want to invest in a good hair spray. My fly-away hairs seem to pop up throughout the day as well, so I actually like to carry a little travel size hair spray in my purse to touch up throughout the day.

Dry Shampoo:  If you have oily hair, or just don’t want to wash your hair daily, then invest in a good dry shampoo to eliminate the look of oily hair.

White Eyeliner: Brighten up your eyes quickly with a bit of white eyeliner.  Apply to the inner part of your eye and on your brow bone (blended in) to instantly brighten your eyes.

Hair Serum: Add a glossy sheen to your hair with a bit of hair serum. Nothing is prettier than shiny, healthy looking hair. 

By: Bree Aylwin, writer of The Urban Umbrella | @urbanumbrella29

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