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Once upon a time I used to dye my hair burgundy red. Although a gorgeous hue, the maintenance to keep the colour rich and vibrant was challenging (any red hair-dyer will agree). While I have reformed to my natural chestnut brown, keeping hair colour vibrant is a common concern amongst my fellow beauty babes. Whether your hues and highlights come from the salon or out of a box, here are some tricks of the trade to keep your hair colour vibrant – red, brown or otherwise:

1. Daily shampoo can take a serious toll on your colour and hair moisture. Instead, wash hair every second or third day (depending on your hair type) with a colour-safe shampoo. Scrubbing harshly opens hair cuticles, causing dye to leak out. Rub shampoo along hairline and nape of the neck (where hair tends to be oily) and let suds run down over the rest of your strands before rinsing. (Redken Color Extend Shampoo, $13, available at Shoppers Drug Mart)

2. Make conditioner your best friend! Gorgeous colour is amplified when hair is moisturized and shiny. Apply a colour-locking conditioner to wet strands, coating from mid-shaft down. Comb through and rinse. (Ojon Color Sustain Pro Fade-Fighter Weekly Conditioning Treatment, $30, available at Sephora)

3. Sun damage – bad news for skin, bad news for hair! UV rays can turn brunette tones brassy, blonde tones pale, and leaves red looking dull. Shield colour from the sun’s powerful rays with a leave-in treatment that fade-proofs while enhancing hair’s vibrancy and shine. Oh, how we love multi-tasking products! (Alterna Bamboo Color Care UV + Fade-Proof Fluide, $24, available at Sephora)

4. When it comes to styling products, less is more –mousse, gel and hairspray can strip away colour little by little. Formulas containing alcohol can be particularly harsh. Opt for alcohol-free versions of your favourite styling products – L’Oréal Paris’ Ever Style has an entire line that is a growing cult favourite! (L’Oréal Paris Ever Style assorted products, available at Shoppers Drug Mart)

By: Ashley De Filippis, Toronto

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